Elive 3.8.40 beta released

The Elive Team is pleased to announce the release of 3.8.40 Beta
This new version includes:
  • Big Upgrade using the Bookworm base with backports, this version has already been beta tested and improved for 3 months.
  • MacBooks: Much improved support, featuring a very elegant boot selector.
  • RAM: Improved performance and resources usage especially in Live mode.
  • Crontab integration on desktop, which allows your system to enjoy features like automatic updates or hardware watchdogs without needing to re-login on your desktop.
  • BTRFS The filesystem has become more mature and usable, so now it is included as an option in the installer, featuring transparent compression. The installer is ready to pick it when needed.
  • Flameshot: Is now the default screenshot tool, featuring selection area, drawing, adding text, upload and share, copy-paste, etc.
  • Video player has a much better looking GUI now
  • Audio: Pulseaudio automatically reconfigures itself on desktop startup if no audio cards are found.

Notes from the Developer:

Debian Bookworm: This version includes a big upgrade to a Debian Bookworm base, plus extra backports. These builds have already been tested for 3 months among the supporters of Elive on Patreon. This version is a must-upgrade, as it includes many improvements and internal features that are not possible to list them all.



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive