Elive 3.8.43 released

The Elive Team is pleased to announce the release of 3.8.43
This new version includes:
  • Installer: There are many improvements and fixes, especially for EFI systems and much-improved automated migration from other Linux systems. If you were unable to install Elive before, you should be able to now!
  • SecureBoot: Enhanced support and compatibility.
  • Debian: Enhanced compatibility, e.g., when installing external software like Tailscale.
  • Nvidia Installer: Bug fixes and support for the latest video cards.
  • Persistence: Multiple fixes and improvements have been made.
  • Emoji: Fully supported across the entire OS.
  • Nerdfonts: Included by default.
  • WiFi: Significant improvements in compatibility drivers for Broadcom cards. Also includes fixes for WPA3 connections.
  • Browser: Default homepage customized by Elive.

Notes from the Developer:

This odd version is an update of the previous one released a few days before, including many improvements in the installer that will allow users to install in many more computers, it also includes a new 6.7.12 kernel!

64-bit Downloads: We are in the steps to provide now public 64-BIT isos and more accessible ISO options, because not having provided them in the past limited the users in their hardware like EFI or secure boot enabled, or the limitations of using a serious operating system, full RAM utilization. Our goal is to provide easy ways for people to get and use Elive freely while still sustaining the project through donations.



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive