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Download old Elive versions

Our most loved versions stills available, just for you!
And now they are entirely cost-free, installer-modules are bypassed without requiring a donation!

Did you enjoyed Elive in the past?

These older versions contain tons of unique features that you won't see again. Better yet, they are extremely light on old computers! We are happy to keep them available for you!

We hope you enjoy these versions as much as we did at the time and if you can, share your nicest screenshots with us on our forums!


  • These are cdrom versions, do not try to boot them from a USB but if you do, use the unetbootin tool (which works in these versions because this tool modifies the bootable files so it can boot from USB)
  • These old versions required payment (donation) to install, but now all the installer-modules for older versions are bypassed to be cost-free! :)

Some awesome things available on them
  • 'Evidence' awesome file-manager

  • Elpanel (elive uber-geek configurator)

  • E16 with Engage (dock bar)

  • EEM and Demo contents

  • XMMS audio player with JESS visualizator

  • Elive unique boot splash (efl based)

  • Entrance awesome login manager (with Elive themes!)

  • Extremely light and fast

  • Rock solid stable

  • 2.0 Topaz repos still working!

Inside torrent contents

Contents Included in the Torrent:

~/D/t/Elive ISOs Museum - All versions Up to Elive 2.0 Topaz - v1.3 ❯❯❯ tree
├── compiz
│   ├── elive_1.9.22-4-compiz_unstable.iso
│   ├── elive_1.9.36-compiz_unstable.iso
│   └── elive_1.9.40-compiz_unstable.iso
├── Elive_0.1_nibeta_nialpha.iso
├── Elive_0.3.iso
├── Elive_0.4.0.iso
├── Elive_0.4.2.iso
├── Elive_0.5_Revolution.iso
├── Elive_0.6_Revolution_rl2.iso
├── Elive_1.0_Gem.iso
├── Elive_1.0_Gem.md5
├── Elive_1.0_Gem.md5.sig
├── elive_2.0_Topaz_new-kernel_up003.iso
├── elive_2.0_Topaz_new-kernel_up003.md5
├── elive_2.0_Topaz_new-kernel_up003.md5.sig
├── elive_2.0_Topaz_old-kernel_up001.iso
├── elive_2.0_Topaz_old-kernel_up001.md5
├── elive_2.0_Topaz_old-kernel_up001.md5.sig
└── fixes

2 directories, 19 files

Specific versions, Instructions and details: