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Samuel F. Baggen ‘Thanatermesis’ 39 Years old Linux Professional and UX Designer

Founder and Developer

Hi, I’m the founder and main developer of Elive, the first version appeared around 2002 in a very geeky fashion, but the first public version of Elive didn’t appeared until 2005. I still actively developing Elive and I would like to make it greater everyday, I have a thousand of ideas that I would like to include on it but my human condition doesn’t allow me to reach all of them, I can define myself like a visionary or dreamer, where limits on my imagination doesn’t exist but the possibilities in the real world can even frustrate me when realizing them. My life’s purpose is to make this a better world, actually I’m doing it by providing with Elive a reliable alternative to other operating systems, which is much faster, light and more intuitive. My job in Elive is undefined, where I’m charged of everything like developing, customizing or automating, I also spend a good amount of time brainstorming an optimal user-experience by bringing new ideas and ways of use computers.


Please use the Forums instead of contacting me via email, unless is very specific or needed

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Special Thanks to:

Deon ‘princeamd’ Thomas: Deon was a full-time worker for Elive which improved the Enlightenment desktop for the specific Elive purposes and was also able to make the website of Elive to work internally in functions and plugins that was required, his collaboration in misc things is too big to list all of them.

Chris ‘roxville’ Tidestrom: For his long support and help in the Elive development, and its lot of works on designs, elive release boxes, icons, wallpapers, etc David ‘LinuxNIT’ Braker: For the application net-connector which was able to make the Topaz versions to have a really nice internet configurator, and also for the samba tools that we still use today. Josef ‘cornelius’ Vybiral: For the old and nice bootsplash and boot menus Frédéric ‘Johnthefisherman’ Boehler: For his amazing designs of the future elpanel and Elive CD covers. Duvel Root ‘duvelr’: For his incredible night-theme design for Enlightnement that we had in Topaz and Gem Manuel ‘bentejuy’ Lopez: For his amazing dedication and good quality work on the old website creating unique plugins in the times where the web effects were not known, integration of the E website theme and some C works Dagneaux ‘ikevin’ Kevin: For his help in the servers side, email configuration and long mirroring of Elive RuudKuin: For his amazing idea and development of the Elive logo design Alexandre ‘pr0t0cod7’ Dhaussy: For his translations to french and site maintainer, but also for its very nice imagination in edje theming and E experiments Andrew ‘HandyAndE’ Williams: For the old CMS provider based in XSM Blake ‘shadoi’ Barnett: For its very early help in domain and server setup Tim ‘GPLGeek’ Woods: For the lots of betatesting and users support Issam ‘SinPlomo’ Kastite: For his misc collaboration and users support T. ‘Get’ N.Ristow: For the gamming support and mirror help

People who did Mirroring:

Active Mirrors:

Paul BOREL ( – Paris, France Yebyen / Kingdon ( – New York, USA

Unactive Mirrors:

Antonie Boegler (evryanz) Seablade (leviathan-avc) Jean-Baptiste ( Jason Edson (oceighty) Stefan Meissner ( Sasin ( MrSandman (cmhacks) Ikevin (icedslash) Ricardo Fuentes ( Thomas Vecchione (seablade) Wizard (7ds) St Louis (Retro) Valášek Radek ( Dr. Baloch (infosys gateway malaysia) Enlightenment FR

And also the LOT of translator volunteers:

2zzyQ – russian Agust ailtonribeiro Airon90 – Italian, Esperanto, English AL3X – Spanish alaidn – catalan albertogalan – Spanish AlexAnteMachina – German alexvalerot – spanish alialda – The Czech republic allinred – russian alokkin – French altoproxima – Dutch alucarde – french, english amal amgchile – spanish amid88 anabell – en, es anka – sv,en aorzh ArgiWhomp arielmoras ArnicA – french arttor – el arxrobert Arzakon – ca, es assasukasse – Italian asuarez – Spanish awolters – dutch babel – spanish / english barravince – Italian barsah batden – French, English beefreak – hungarian, german, Bellovux – Dutch (Belgian) Bety-Jane – spanish bigjimlefou – French bluegreen bluez – Turkish, English Bodan borislavbog – Bulgarian bouba – italian brucs7 – pt bryanstein – untarzanic Bubblez – Ukrainian, Russian Caio cbrunos – french portuguese luxemburgish cenobyte – Dutch CharlesD chiropter – French/english ChrisPZV – German cicujano – spanish Clavius – Spanish, Catalan, French, English clever_fox – czech clint – English clkent – Spanish cnfss – Spanish conny – czech conrado – spanish CoolNile – Arabic CrankHunt3r – German, Romanian CrazyDiam – Ukrainian cruncx – pt csoliss – Spanish curielapolonio Cyberponcho – Spanish, english, german cycloneous Cyriaque – french, anglais cyrinda – Czech d3fstyle dader daleduro dammitjim – Spanish dan1971 – spanish danibors – portuguese (brazilian) Daniel Nunes – portuguese danielmelek – spanish danny dannyet dante_r – spanish DaRtHo – spanish, english DaveLinux – spanish david312 DcomFive debior – hebrew Deepoff – russian Demishrike deuxcroix – Romanian divayht – french, english djfox18921 – english,french doberdog – Spanish, Galego DomBoo – fr domingo donbis88 donlujah – Spanish Galician Drogenfander – German English duendenokturno Dujicb – Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian dustmite dutrinha earl31515 – de Eddy Marley – Portuguese Ederxnight EgorI eladamri eliel – Portuguese (br) eliverling – en to german elmo40 – English emilio1625 – Spanish, – spanish english eno1997 – english Erick Rangel Gomes esthebanmx – spanish Etern4L – Greek, English, French etherea – italian everspawn – English (few ES) evryanz – French, Russian, English. fatman2021 FenDanT – French fermza87 – Spanish FlameRage – Russsian ford franlou – french Frombenny – French fservin – spanish, english G104acch1n0 – Italian g3vi3s – spansih gabak – spanish Gajilidd – French gargouille gasimov – rus gasp gatsss – French gEhektr – Spanish(Mexico) genaro – sv genetik – Czech gherardo – Spanish Ghermain – Spanish gl0ubi – french Gnea goldstein – portuguese GPLGeek – english clean Gran_Ger – spanish gs – English German guardian – CS, EN hacalvo – spanish harpi – fi henaaque – Portuguese and English hendrick – hungarian hermit – english clean horace hritshiv Hutch hutchint i027_1 iaemy – French ibit – Russian Ifree – English, Spanish, Catalan infomdq Jackho – french Jagan – Italian jakub07 Janarts jappe – dutch,english jaredlyvers – English Jarth – NL javier – spanish javimore jaycreation – français jbarrales – spanish jdackle – pt, pt-PT, fr, fr-ch, en, en-GB, en-US jeanlou – French jedidyah – English/Spanish jeongmin – korean jizo – Russian JML-00 – Spanish joelh – French / English johnnyp – de en Jon jorgepsg josemrm – Spanish juanjgm – spanish jundai69 jviotti – Spanish JWB – nl en jwilli2 – Danish jwolfe – English jykae – Finnish jyvertone – Finnish kapseltomasz – poland kasper kernic – catalan kero – Catalan Ketteske kevin-g – Spanish kevin – fr kevinTest – French Khyron-Angel Khyron – English – Spanish Kido – Russian kirans klode kook – czech Koshie – French lagutenkovsergei LAISNE – French leoechevarria – Spanish letiponebu – russian lewiscowles – English linguo – Spanish Lo-Ko – Ingles Logos – French / English loiso2 – spanish Lord_JABA – Polish Lork Scorguar – fr LSc ltitcon – france LuC – Polish/Polski luciano – spanish Lud – Spanish ludwig – French m-m – Portuguese madom – slovak MadPsych – English manou – Spanish marcomatt marcoornes – spanish marinho – pt_BR mariuccio – italian marko – English marschmidt – Portuguese – BR marta – lv (latvia) marteo – fr (birth language), ge (very good) Martin_Mantaras – Spanish matryc – Polish mattosoft – Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portughese mauricioruso – spanish maury – italian maxann – russian ME3Tmou – German MEETmou – German Megashadow – spanish mehdi meph – English, German Mermouy – french michael_mt90 – Romanian miguelsoare – portugues mique – Italian, English mistrynitesh – English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi mmantaras – Spanish mobydick964 – french mohdshakeel77 Moohten – german Mozart – Swedish, English MultiUser n_ones – Spanish / English Naflgar – Spanish nando napi – spanish Neo3 ngayegsm10 nicouy – english spanish nicram – polish Niels – dutch npiccone – English nukaway – spanish/valencian nymunariya – German o6s oalarcon – Spanish ohare orascic – english, serbian Orion – portuguese (brazilian) oucinde – Spanish / English Pako – spanish paola.i Pat Peerke 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