Elive 2.7.6 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.7.6
This new version includes:
  • elive welcome panel included for the live mode
  • amazing speedup when launching some applications (read notes)
  • new applications included by default: hardare information viewer, links2 (much more lightweight web browser)
  • fixed bugs: terminal hangs, eltrans (translator accounts requesting), an old bug in e17 which started with wrong icons set, live boot misc auto-detections and configurations like qemu
  • installer improvements: shell for installed mode is now zsh and not bash, detection of windows and other operating systems listed when installed, internet connection asking experience improved

Notes from the Developers:

speed-up launching: When you run the applications by the first time they takes some time to start, for example the chromium browser takes 9.3 seconds, so I was playing with magical voodoo precaching techniques and it was improved to be only 3.6 seconds! but because I’m a mad crazy maniac this was not enough, so I was finally able to make it take only 1.3 seconds!, in the same way libreoffice was taking 18 seconds to start and now takes 1.5 seconds! You can enjoy of the speed of light in live mode since this version :)


We need your feedback, each new beta version could include things not working as expected, if is the case please contact us so that we can fix the problem asap.

The beta versions are not so optimized as the Stable ones due to debug flags and developer profiles, its also less beautiful and less ready for the end users, you can encounter errors or uncomplete things, if you want a more polished system try the Stable version instead.

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