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Pick your desired Elive experience

Each version includes a different user experience, features, driver versions, etc...
Make sure to read their details, we suggest to always try the Stable version as a final and polished experience, or the Beta versions if you need newer drivers
Note: If you have an issue trying to download Elive, please report it so I can fix it

Elive 3.0 Stable

This version includes an amazing user-experience with a very well polished desktop, optional visual effects and so far it is the best experience. As a downside, the drivers and software are outdated, but we are working on the next development!


Elive Beta versions

Temporal E16 desktop, extremely stable and updated drivers, UEFI and 64bit support! You must try first the Stable version if you didn't before and switch to the Beta one if you need those new features


Elive Compiz (E17)

Unique and powerful experience with Compiz and Enlightenment. Only available for the E17 Desktop, this integration is much better made in the Stable 3.0 version so don't miss it out! :)


Older versions of Elive

Olders versions still available to download so you can still use them in very old computers. The experience in each Elive version is different. Please help seeding the downloads! :)