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Let’s spread Elive around the world!


The simplest reason of why Elive is not better is because not much people knows about it. Gift us some of your minutes to change that! It will have zero cost!

Warning: these methods are highly optimized to use the least of your time and to get the biggest impact!

The best way to make more people known about Elive is by inviting them to join our Facebook Page.

Let’s do this by inviting your friends to like the page of Elive

  1. Click the “invite friends” button in the right corner, or in the “more” button
  2. Select all your friends, at least the 20% of them will join it!

Retweet every tweeter about Elive

Comment related tweets of Linux

We have some crazy ideas! to make Elive more known… but we need some volunteers to run them, they are not bad or spam but just fun and different

If you would like to play them and help Elive in an exponential way, just add your contact in the collaborate page selecting the “Marketing Experiments” entry and we will tell you what you can do!

We are brainstorming new ideas that will have a good impact and will use the less of your time, if you have any good one, please tell us! :)