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You have been warned!

Let’s spread Elive around the world!


The simplest reason why Elive is not better is because not much people knows about it. Gift us some of your minutes to change that! It has zero cost!

Note: These methods are highly optimized to spend the minimum of your time, while getting the biggest impact!

Facebook impact

The best way to make more people known about Elive is by inviting them to join our Facebook Page.

Let’s do this by inviting ALL your facebook friends to like Elive

  1. Click the “invite friends” button in the right corner, or from the “more” button
  2. Select all your friends, at least the 20% of them will join it!

Twitter impact

These generated links provides you an immediate action:

Retweet multiple tweets from Elive:

Comment related tweets of Linux, mentioning Elive

Leaving trails

This is a very strong strategy, It consists in leaving a visual trail of Elive everywhere, without spending your time doing it, for that you simply need to change your profiles to something that promotes Elive, for example when I comment on other forums I always use "Elive Linux" as my name instead of my real name, or using the Elive logo as my own profile image. But there's much more:

  • Add an email signature, mine is: Elive is a complete and powerful OS that replaces your default operating system making it much faster and beautiful, it works very well on old computers and it is entirely cost-free.
  • Include the Elive logo in your profile image, even better if it is in a creative way like this profile
  • Change your profile name to something like "Elive Linux" or "Elive Linux lover" (the two first words are descriptive enough for those who don't know what is Elive)

Visual findings

Upload your nicest screenshots, themes, and customizations to social websites related to design, in order to more people will find them accidentally or not, include as many tags and descriptions as possible, in the title but also the description, for example, "Amazing customized Linux desktop with GTK themes, enlightenment, etc.. based on Elive from Debian Buster, conky, gadgets, candies, and cookies"

Some websites and examples:

Make it a standard

Every time you write an article or a Howto about Linux, mention Elive, or even better, use Elive for all the demos, captures, references, etc of the article.

Even better, include tips like "but in Elive this is easier because is already included/working/whatever", or "Elive includes this special combo which makes it much easier"

Thanks to this, Elive will be shown to the Linux world as a more widely commonly and used OS

Vote for Elive

Vote for Elive in many places like Softpedia

We will brainstorm crazy new ideas to make Elive more known (growth-hacking), but we need your collaboration by running them.

You can also suggest new impact ideas!