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The last version of Elive is the Stable 3.0

About the next beta development:

The plans for the next version are to build the same result as 3.0 is, but featuring:

  1. 64-bit support
  2. UEFI
  3. Updated Software
  4. Updated Drivers

These are the most wanted things, and the 3.0 result system is simply amazing. Including only these 4 goals without featuring more the system can allow to have a much faster release date


Unfortunately, there’s not enough resources to start the next development phase, the received donations are not even enough to have a meal every day, with more donations I can pay extra help and my full time work. The next development phase will start when it would be possible, and there’s how you can help:

  1. Even if donations are crucial, it is even more important to make Elive more known to the world. If you can spend a few minutes, share Elive everywhere, in blogs, social medias, and friends, write to your favorite Linux Magazine’s to include Elive 3.0 too! Unfortunately Elive it is very unknown to the world and we don’t have the resources to promote it.
  2. Support this project, with any amount which is the only way to make the next version exist
  3. Collaborate, we have made a special section in the new forums for this