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Elive 3.8.24 Beta

Includes a different experience on a very powerful and truly unbreakable OS!
Perfect for old computers and Nettops. Max. 3gb of RAM detected, non-uefi, non-secureboot, scroll down for details...
32 BIT Download

Download cost-free 1 hour later.

We need more Mirrors - (we have only 1 available!)

Note: the (old) stable version includes a much richer experience, try it!

Good for NEW computers, more software & features, powerful, UEFI & SecureBoot enabled and more...
64 BIT Download

Donate to get the 64BIT version, so we can continue the development  

Total Downloads: 2172

Donations received: 17

64 BIT worth?
The Beta versions offer a never-seen before, extremely stable system, if you need a serious system to work from it daily don't hesitate. By other side the desktop is not as beautiful and polished as the Stable version (yet!). By donating for the 64-bit version you are helping to finish it, but we first need your help to make it happen! :)
Other Download options
We don't want to restrict anybody from using Elive, so we always provide options for those who cannot donate. You can also try the 32-BIT version, which can smoothly crossgrade later into 64-BIT through the installer.
    New features since the previous Stable
    • 2 Kernel options, for last drivers and stability

    • Debian-Buster based, all new software & drivers

    • Improved performances, RAM, and video playback

    • Multi-featured special Dock

    • Extremely stable environment to work

    • A very different desktop experience

    • Installer much improved with bugfixes and features

    • Nvidia propietary drivers tested

    • Flawless migration from 3.0 Stable (32bit to 64bit too)

    • Tons of improvements in every Elive element

    • Strongly tested versions thanks to Forum participants

    • Improved compatibility with other OSes

    • Not so friendly / ready for novice users

    • Less featured than the Stable version

    • Less polished and beautiful than the Stable version

    64 BIT details:
    • UEFI & SecureBoot supported

    • Advanced Persistence & with Encryption

    • More features and software than the 32bit version

    • Extra software included (can be removed on install):

    Steam (opt), Wine, PlayOnLinux, LibreOffice, DropBox (opt) Opera (opt), Chrome (opt), VirtualBox, Calibre, Skype (opt), Rawtherapee, Darktable, Luminance-hdr, Blender, Cinelerra-GG, Flowblade, Kodi (xmbc), Extra Icon themes
    32 BIT details:
    • Supports very old computers & net-tops

    • Lighter special build for 32bit

    • Alternative (lighter) software:

    Abiword, Gnumeric, Sylpheed (email client) Zsnes (Nintendo NES emulator)
    • Only 32 BIT software can run on it

    • Less Nvidia and other hardware drivers supported

    • Not compatible with UEFI / Secureboot

    Enlightenment 16 desktop
    We are very proud to be the unique distro in the world that use for these in-development versions this forgotten gem and unique desktop. And yes, like you assumed, we are crazy :) . We selected this temporary desktop because of its rock solid stability and because satisfies all our needs with our magical customizations in almost every Elive aspect. If you already know E16 you truly know what we are talking about! If you don't know it, maybe it's time for a new experience playing with it for a few days, you won't regret it!

    “Elive is not made for newbies. Elive is not made for experienced people. Elive is not made for enterprise or personal use. Elive is art. It is simply for those who appreciate it and want to use it. Feel free to try Elive because only you decide what you want in this world!”

    Elive philosophy since 2005


    1. Create your Elive bootable USB stick
    2. Boot from Elive (bios menu)

    Important: Use only the tools suggested to record your USB or you won’t be able to boot it correctly due to modifications that other tools does.

    See More FAQs, or the new Forums & howto’s

    Technical details

    • Min. Requirements: 400 MB RAM, 500 Mhz CPU

    • 32 and 64 BIT, UEFI + SecureBoot enabled, Kernel 5.2

    • SystemD (unknown possibility for sysvinit yet), Pulseaudio

    • Install & Live, with advanced persistence features and encryption

    • Note: The ISOs contains everything needed, extra software and cached packages to install drivers offline, demo content. The Installer will give you options to have a much lighter system

    Next Development

    We will continue to work to implement:

    1. The Enlightenment desktop of Elive (this is a gigantic work remaining!)
    2. Polishments
    3. Almost everything else is already implemented and integrated! :)

    Unfortunately, there’s not much resources for the development, but we have solved it for now by providing the 64bit versions via donations, so let’s see how much we can progress now :)

    If you want to help there’s how:

    1. Elive is not enough known to the world. If you can spend a few minutes, share Elive everywhere, in blogs, social medias, and friends, write to your favorite Linux Magazine’s suggesting to talk about Elive 3.0!
    2. Support this project, with any amount which is the only way to make the next version exist.
    3. Collaborate in different areas, we have made a special section in the new forums for them.

    E16 has been selected as a temporary desktop for the development!
    E16 is a forgotten gem and Elive surprises us again customizing this old desktop satisfying all the needs in magical ways, giving an experience like never seen before. Allowing you to work from an uptodate Elive with the highest grade of stability. E16 is unbreakable, light and pretty different, play with it and you won't regret the experience!

    - We hope you enjoy this unique experience while we focus on developing the final desktop -