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Plans for the next version

The plan for the next beta version is to include:

  1. 64-bit support
  2. UEFI
  3. Updated Software
  4. Updated Drivers


Having only these 4 important goals can allow us to have a much faster release date with an amazing result like Elive 3.0


Unfortunately, there’s not enough resources to start the next development phase.


The cause of this problem is because donations are not an optimal way to fund a project but we don’t have a better method, and in fact it leads to a paradoxical problem.

By other side they have been the only way to fund this project over the years, and the full-time work of his founder. But sadly they are actually not even enough to sustain a meal every day, and makes extremely difficult to develop Elive by a single person, were with more resources it could have been possible to cover extra help, like pay more development, designers, etc.


Resources are Donations, and the amount of them are proportional to the amount of users (or visits) that Elive has, so the actual state of Elive is to find ways to make it much more known to the world. Because unless I found a better way to fund this project, the donations are simply essential for it to continue exist and progressing.


If you can spend a few minutes, share Elive everywhere, in blogs, social medias, and friends, write to your favorite Linux Magazine’s suggesting to talk about Elive 3.0!


In the meantime that the funding grows via Patreon to a better status, you can help collaborating in different areas.


I have been working the last months in the new version, with kernel 4.20, Debian Buster, btrfs & reiser4 support with transparent compression, 64BIT, UEFI, and Secure Boot enabled ! Support this project to have a new release soon !