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Premium Features by Elive

To get the full range of features, become a member of our Premium mode on Patreon

Direct Support

If you encounter any problems with Elive, rest assured that you will be given top priority assistance in preference directly by Thanatermesis. We handle this directly through the forum.

All Downloads

Don't waste your time waiting for any download. Being in Premium, you have the direct links to download all the Elive versions or content. You can find them in the Patreon private content or in the Forum premium section.

Extra Features, Software, and Tools

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GPT Uncensored, Unbiased, Untracked

GPT-type chat is very practical to facilitate our work, however, it is extremely censored and biased, and also you have no privacy since they track everything you write, and paying, so instead of helping is more like you talk with a robot.

Elive offers an alternative to that through its Premium feature, allowing you to install an AI that works from your machine locally. This means that you don't need internet to use it, as all processing happens on your computer and nothing is sent anywhere. The AI models selected are chosen for their neutrality in conversations, making it feel like you're talking to a friend without censorship, bias, or political preferences. You can use it unlimitedly and at no cost.

Elivim - NeoVim

Elivim is a NeoVim amazing framework based on NvChad, forked as an own project with many useful or needed features added, useful hotkeys. The theme is optimized for featuring the interface while keeping a beautiful design, like always in Elive. It's something ready to use and full-featured. We cannot explain how many amazing things it has, so it's better to directly see its showreel video on its own page:

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Enhance your Servers

How many times you have set up a server where you were frustrated about the ugly and limited terminal, its lacking features, a tab not fully working, and many missing tools?

Do you imagine being able to feature your server to be like Elive? This is exactly what this tool does, is NOT about installing Elive in a hosting, is about improving your actual debian/ubuntu server with some Elive features :)

And the best? you can optionally install wanted services (web server, email, protection, etc) if you don't want to do it manually, all of them with the optimal settings for lightness and performance, including a full featured wordpress website!

Be Premium Now

After becoming a Patreon of Elive, wait 24h to be added on the list and then run the command 'elive-premium' in your terminal to enable the features