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The major stable release of Elive 3.0 has been updated.

We are so pleased with this stable release of Elive, and the result has been so amazing that there’s almost nothing that needed to be changed from it, it was a truly a rock solid system, and we wanted to update it with slightly updated and polished build, which includes:

  • Wallpaper: Dynamically changes depending of the hour of the day, looking more magic and nicer for your eyes, and it also includes a hidden surprise for Christmas!
  • Popups: You won’t be annoyed anymore by the Hotkeys Document that appears in the desktop startup, since it is a very useful thing we moved it to the launcher bar of applications
  • Desktop: Disabled the screen off timeout and the asking for the presentation mode
  • Flash: Updated the adobe flash player for the common browsers to the last version, tested on chrome, firefox,
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    After 8 years of silent development, the third stable version of Elive is out, the result is simply amazing and the integration is gorgeous, it is not even possible to describe every inside feature and the new website only contains a small portion of its characteristics.


    Unfortunately not everything is rainbows and perfection, the lack of resources made the release being too much delayed, and this lead to old packages and drivers, but despite that, the final result is really worth it, Elive 3.0 is the most useful system ever made, perfect for the daily use, rock solid, beautiful and full of hidden features, with every simplified aspect to make it usable for any user level.


    If all this was not enough this version is the most powerful version, maintaining its lightness in resources and blazing fast responsiveness, do not hesitate to put this polished and ready to use …


    The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.90
    LAST BETA version before the Stable release!

    This new version includes:
  • Speed and lightness improved with special configurations allowing to install in computers with very low resources, tested with less than 256 MB of RAM
  • Health extra features included with a checker for critical temperature shutdowns, a feature that free some space on the disk when is almost full so that the user will never end in an unbootable system and also there’s a guided tool for it that helps the user to free more space, there’s also added an application to restart to a new desktop configuration
  • Designs improved for temperature readability, color for the selected menu, unfocused borders are much darker and readable, dock will not show anymore uninstalled applications and the bumpy effect is removed, launcher is more intuitive for its typing feature,
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    This new version includes:
  • Greatly improved designs for clock and battery, clock is shown by default, the battery includes intuitive colors useful for show the status
  • Improved initial configurations for hardware accelerated features with optimal autodetections and skipping in not supported ones like virtualmachines
  • Lock screen: greatly improved design and a small fix included for wrong passwords attempts
  • Massive rewrite of keyboard bindings greatly improved for a stable and productive system, all the media keys from special keyboards are assigned to the best launchers and features
  • Desktop application launchers improvements, fixes and new includes, a new application is included to restart to a new clean desktop configuration, improved ebook support
  • Persistence: improved speed disabling some disk usage
  • Public folder sharing fixed
  • “Dream your life.
    Elive your dream”


    The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.22 This new version includes:
  • Keyboard typing to support special languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese. If you need an extra Ibus configuration contact us with the details needed
  • Network access to your local machines using hostname.local
  • Numpad always enabled option in installation
  • Desktop right click is assigned to an amazing launcher
  • Designs shadow fix, borders more white, less pixelated icons in menus, much improved menus and userfriendly, misc overall improvements
  • Userfriendly better organized menus, more friendly icons and names, improved description for the dock launchers

  • “Dream your life.
    Elive your dream”


    The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.16 This new version includes:
  • Performance is now almost twice as responsive and smoother, videos also plays faster
  • Designs improved buttons, window borders, and faster effects
  • Desktop automatic scaling, font selection and sizing based on your screen, organization of elements are more accessible too
  • Installer has a lot of improvements, fixes, fine-tuning and options to choice for the installed system, included privative drivers like Nvidia / Ati

  • Notes from the Developer:

    2.9.16 is a very improved version based on the hard work on the last versions with tons of fixes, fine-tuning and improvements, making it more friendly and stable. I hope you enjoy this version!

    “Dream your life.
    Elive your dream”


    The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.14 This new version includes:
  • Nvidia / ATI works on the installed system thanks to the reports of the users
  • Fonts automated selection and sizing based in your type of screen, resolution and dpi, also includes desktop scaling factor
  • Performance multiple improvements in: encrypted installations, compiling flags, release mode, optimized effects, ARGB calculations disabled for borders, much faster and responsive desktop, reduced temporal writes in the Live mode, switched to dash in some daemons to reduce low memory usage.
  • USB tool to record live medias in the most easiest and secure way, here’s a little video
  • Processes watcher improved detecting and dealing with stuck processes or that may consume your cpu or memory
  • Terminology don’t crash anymore when opening new tabs
  • Designs has tons of improvements

  • Notes from the Developer:

    This release includes a ton of polishments


    The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.12 This new version includes:
  • Performance: Desktop and effects has been increased to at least the 194 % more fast and smoother than before, video playback is also much smoother and fast.
  • Installer: The Elive installer has been refactored and includes lots of fixes and improvements, also a validator of username, password and hostname characters allowed, browser fix, entirely cost-free install and easier installation process
  • Audio cards detection and configuration improved
  • Wifi connections automatically pop up if there’s available connections and you are not connected to internet
  • Dock is improved with active opened windows access and controls
  • Iconified windows now includes their name in the icon
  • Wallpapers automated switching is improved to a single loop now
  • Translations has been improved, proofreaded and with clearer messages
  • BTS The new Bug Tracking System website is ready! all
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    The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.8 This new version includes:
  • System: thanks to lots of improvements in the installer you can free up to 3 GB of the installed system and make the memory usage lighter up to 100 MB only, with the full desktop running
  • User Manager: includes now autologin features and sudo configuration
  • Fonts: added a perfect selection of fonts for different purposes, also other ones for programming and small sizes, improved selection of international languages compatibility and removed unneeded ones
  • Desktop: improved gadgets distribution and compatibility, the disks gadget only shows the removable devices by default now
  • Installer: lots of bugfixes and improvements, extra options to remove unnecessary things, it supports now SSD over PCIe (nvme) hard disks, blank boot fix, automated partitioning and encryption options improvements, integrated tool to automatically report bugs, better reliability, upgrade mode from older
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