Elive 3.8.27 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 3.8.27
This new version includes:
  • Installer with improved compatibility to boot togheter with windows systems.
  • Web Browser’s temporal files run now on RAM, improving heavily the lifespan of your SSD disk or your USB’s in persistence mode.
  • Vim color scheme is now much more vibrant.
  • Nvidia cards correctly detected for installing extra drivers.
  • Macbooks improved fan support.
  • Wallpapers switching demo is back and on the E16 desktop too!
  • Tmux improved with a better default configuration.
  • Debian base updated to 10.12
  • Terminology terminal updated and with new features.
  • Updated Debian base, Terminology with new features, and included Kernels with improved stability

“Dream your life.
Elive your dream”



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive