Elive 2.9.8 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.8
This new version includes:
  • System: thanks to lots of improvements in the installer you can free up to 3 GB of the installed system and make the memory usage lighter up to 100 MB only, with the full desktop running
  • User Manager: includes now autologin features and sudo configuration
  • Fonts: added a perfect selection of fonts for different purposes, also other ones for programming and small sizes, improved selection of international languages compatibility and removed unneeded ones
  • Desktop: improved gadgets distribution and compatibility, the disks gadget only shows the removable devices by default now
  • Installer: lots of bugfixes and improvements, extra options to remove unnecessary things, it supports now SSD over PCIe (nvme) hard disks, blank boot fix, automated partitioning and encryption options improvements, integrated tool to automatically report bugs, better reliability, upgrade mode from older Elive installations improvements and fixes, installing without internet available.
  • Persistence: lots of bugfixes and improvements, includes usage statistics
  • TMUX: includes a much more friendly way to switch between windows and creating new ones
  • Developers: GDB is greatly improved with default options, colors and features
  • Vim: includes a new colorscheme with the gorgeous and yummy colors by Molokai, the theme is a hacked version of it which includes some improvements, you can found it here and use it in other systems too

Notes from the Developers:

  Mirrors: Thanks a lot to Paul Borel we have now an extra and very fast mirror where you can download Elive, the mirrors are selected automatically based in your location. If you have free space in a hosting and a good bandwith please consider to be a mirror to support Elive!

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Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive