Elive 3.8.24 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 3.8.24
This new version includes:
  • Bootup speed greatly improved in live mode
  • Discards for SSD included for encrypted partitions, improving their health and performance
  • UX If your live system becomes corrupted by having moved accidentally your USB, the user will be informed about this broken state
  • retroarch emulator of multiple retro gaming platforms and consoles directly included with a full guided setup
  • Steam improved compatibility and installation
  • x86 ISO Builds includes now many extra packages that was only available on the 64bit version, but don’t worry for having your system lightweight, they can be unselected to have in the installed system
  • E16 theme files directly installs when double-clicking on the .etheme files

Notes from the Developer:

UX, features, and next Development: This version includes some improvements like the user experience and usability, it also includes now an amazing emulator of any gaming console platform which was a must for long time ago. The 32bit versions builds are now more featured than before. There’s actually a strong active development in the migration to the new Debian platform and since is not yet ready, we wanted to release in the meantime an improved version of Elive :)

“Dream your life.
Elive your dream”



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive