Elive 3.7.14 beta released + 64 BIT

After a long time of development, the Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 3.7.14 !
This new version includes:
  • Updated to a Debian-Buster base, with kernel 5.2.9 and lots of updated applications
  • Hardware support for UEFI, SecureBoot, nvme disks, optional 64BIT builds, etc…
  • Dedicated dock-bar with multiple features!
  • Audio player directly on the desktop with controls and covers
  • Enhanced stability stronger than ever before
  • Temporary desktop for development based on E16, offering an ultimate good and different experience
  • Customized desktop theme with a dark look design (light / clear design will be added in next versions)
  • Gnome-Software is the newly selected GUI application to manage packages, which is much more userfriendly for novice users, and all apt tools are still fully available
  • Powersaving is automatically set for newer intel cpu’s
  • Nvidia proprietary drivers tested
  • Installer has been extremely tested, bugfixed and improved
  • Smooth migration from a previous 32bit installed system
  • Very well tested versions over the last few months thanks to the forum participants
  • A good selection of new software included specifically for the 64bit builds
  • Improved compatibility with other distro’s and M$ installed systems
  • Improved performances like RAM allocation in Live mode and video playback
  • Many new features and improvements included by default

Notes from the Developer:

64 BIT available! This has been a very long awaited and desired feature for Elive since for a long time. Its implementation has been severely hampered due to lacking donations. Continuing anyway, we have decided to provide these current, already very well tested 64BIT builds, through donations. Alternative options for those who cannot donate are included too! Finally, when the next stable version is finished, these 64bit builds will be publicly available at no cost :)
E16 Desktop Due to too the enormous workload required for the full desktop integration, we chose to use an extremely well customized E16 desktop. including most of the already well known Elive features to make your work comfortable and extremely stable. You will be immersed in an exquisitely unique world and experience while using it, making daily work on this desktop a pleasure. Please share your experiences in our forums! :)

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Elive your dream”



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive