Elive 1.7 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of beta version 1.7
After many silent weeks and relentless testing by our tireless users of the 1.6 and 1.6.2 development releases, we have now reached 1.7! So test it! Thank you for all your hard work in helping me make Elive a better distro with every release!
OK, let’s get down to the new stuff… But first, the bad stuff… There is no installer! There are so many changes in the overall system that the installer has to be totally rewritten. I will get on that a.s.a.p, it will be the big thing to test in Elive-1.8. But I NEED your 1.7 test results and impressions in order to make a better OS!, remember that we have a very good website at to report problems or request features .

This version includes some misc features like:

  • E17 menus [first try] ready! Some users have (while others have not), noted that the menus of E17 are ugly and incomplete, the feature of correct menus is now implemented on Elive
  • Suspend / Hibernation: This is a feature that a lot of users have wanted on Elive for a long time. Now it is implemented by default, working simply out of the box if your computer supports these features. Enjoy it directly on your E17 menu or by closing the LID of your laptop!
  • Icons: There’s a bit of a workaround in the icon theme. Not finished yet, but looking a lot better :)
  • Languages: In the boot options of the Live mode, the language selector menu is enabled by default again
  • Translations: As you may know, there’s a new tool to make translations in Elive called eltrans, we invite you to try it because it is very easy to use and fully graphical. Italian, Dutch and German users can see the boot messages of the live mode now on his language directly, thanks to: assasukasse, AlexAnteMachina, and awolters. More translators are wanted and welcome!
  • Eject CD: fixed in the live mode, shutdown
  • Autolaunchers: have been reimplemented
  • Printer: issues fixed on elpanel
  • Elpanel: also got a few updates
  • Switched to ESU!: EFL version of Gksu, thanks to PrinceAMD
  • Like always, There are more changes, but too minor or internal to mention here.

 We appreciate your feedbacks about the overall speed/lightness of the system compared to last stable version of Elive. You can say something in our chat channel directly from the running system. If you detect any lagging in the system please consider different setups like disabling composite (which you can select on the startup of the graphical system) in order to report improvements. We would also appreciate feedbacks about composite enabled or disabled in old computers, suggestions for better performances, and memory usage compared to Topaz.

Note that these development releases don’t include the Elive Installer yet because it’s not ready, we also didn’t include the proprietary drivers for now (Nvidia/fglrx) but the opensource drivers should detect your hardware and configure your system perfectly.

You can Download this version at the development section.

Please remember that this is an alpha version of Elive which is uncomplete and may have errors, if you want to see a polished result of Elive try the Stable version instead.

Give us a comment in our chat channel, you can also improve Elive by yourself in github.
Help us to make Elive even better!

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