Elive 1.9.15 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of beta version 1.9.15

This version includes better support for MacBooks and a much better network configurator:

  • MacBooks: There’s a re-work in the macbook support, fixing some bugs like the installation and the webcam support
  • Wireless / Network: Our new application to configure networks called Net-Connector is at a pretty good stage. All the known bugs are fixed and the autoconnect mode seems to be working properly. Since there are no known remaining bugs on it, we invite you to find new ones!, you can report them to and assign them directly to LinuxNIT. I give full credit to LinuxNIT for this magnificent application.

We appreciate your feedbacks about the overall speed/lightness of the system compared to last stable version of Elive. You can say something in our chat channel directly from the running system. If you detect any lagging in the system please consider different setups like disabling composite (which you can select on the startup of the graphical system) in order to report improvements. We would also appreciate feedbacks about composite enabled or disabled in old computers, suggestions for better performances, and memory usage compared to Topaz.

Note that these development releases don’t include the Elive Installer yet because it’s not ready, we also didn’t include the proprietary drivers for now (Nvidia/fglrx) but the opensource drivers should detect your hardware and configure your system perfectly.

You can Download this version at the development section.

Please remember that this is an alpha version of Elive which is uncomplete and may have errors, if you want to see a polished result of Elive try the Stable version instead.

Give us a comment in our chat channel, you can also improve Elive by yourself in github.
Help us to make Elive even better!

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