Elive 2.8.6 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.8.6
This is such an amazing release with a great amount of improvements and fixes, it also includes:
  • Incredible improvements in live performance making it twice fast!
  • Designs: Updated designs with a redesign of the menu, a pager less obtrusive and more handy, redesigned the animated stars wallpaper, bigger shadows with a three-dimensional effect when they are focused, the dock has now better readability with smoother effects to have a more friendly usage.
  • Compiz: Improved stability and configurations to have good eye-candy in combination with speed and useful features, a very old and important bug was finally fixed making it a stable environment for daily work
  • Audio cards configuration fixed
  • Integrated gadget in the desktop to have a more handy access and use of your inserted media’s like an USB or CDROM
  • Improved boot menu with more user-friendly and understandable options

Notes from the Developers:

Performance: This release includes a good amount of performance optimizations, raising the performance in live mode to be twice as fast!, check the entry in our facebook page to see specific details. There’s also a good amount of boot configurations that improves greatly the performance in old computers too, in a funny way, this version number reminds to a classic computer introduced in 1982 on which a good amount of people has started using computers.

Proofreading: We want to give a very big Thanks! to Leo Fortey which improved the quality of the sentences in Elive making them properly spelt. You can improve the proofreading too or translating Elive to your language by simply launching the eltrans guided tool from the system itself.

“Dream your life.
Elive your dream”