Elive 1.9.10 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of beta version 1.9.10

This version doesn’t include Exalt anymore (network configurator).

This version includes some misc features like:

  • Bar: Ibar is replaced by Itask-ng. Now elive has a zooming bar similar to the one of MacOsX like on the oldests versions of Elive in E16. It also has a very good feature enabled by default: ‘lock icons’ which prevents the user from removing accidentaly the icons.
  • Vim: Color Scheme Hacks, the default color theme of Elive has been hacked for a better development/coding. Reading the code has been greatly improved, an example is available on this screenshot.
  • PDF Printer: Is now possible to directly create PDF’s from a page, document, or anything just by selecting to print in a PDF file in the printer menu.
  • Networks: This version includes a new application called net-connector for configuring wifi and wired connections. This very nice application is developed by LinuxNIT and it can be started from Elpanel.
  • Thunar features: New and very useful features are added in Thunar:
    • Admin mode: This feature runs a thunar with admin privileges, in this way is possible to access and/or modify any file of the system. This is implemented for users that doesn’t know ‘how to edit a configuration in /etc’ for example.
    • Resize: This feature allows the user to resize images. Imagine a selection of 1000 photos which need to be resized, by selecting this option all of them will be resized in a subdirectory.
    • Create links: This feature simply creates a symbolic link of a file or a directory.
    • Suggeriments: Do you have a very good feature to include in the File-Manager? Your idea is welcome! Just fill in a request feature in the BTS of Elive.
  • Installer:
    • Reboot: Now reboot is not needed anymore after repartitioning the hard disk.
    • Partitions listing: Better listing of partitions with correct removing from the list of the previous selected ones.
    • Fake partitions: No fake partitions for the installed system anymore (that happened when the user had removed a partition during the installation process without rebooting).
    • Partition info: Now the size of the partitions is also shown in the list.

We appreciate your feedbacks about the overall speed/lightness of the system compared to last stable version of Elive. You can say something in our chat channel directly from the running system. If you detect any lagging in the system please consider different setups like disabling composite (which you can select on the startup of the graphical system) in order to report improvements. We would also appreciate feedbacks about composite enabled or disabled in old computers, suggestions for better performances, and memory usage compared to Topaz.

Note that these development releases don’t include the Elive Installer yet because it’s not ready, we also didn’t include the proprietary drivers for now (Nvidia/fglrx) but the opensource drivers should detect your hardware and configure your system perfectly.

You can Download this version at the development section.

Please remember that this is an alpha version of Elive which is uncomplete and may have errors, if you want to see a polished result of Elive try the Stable version instead.

Give us a comment in our chat channel, you can also improve Elive by yourself in github.
Help us to make Elive even better!

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