Elive 2.8.8 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.8.8
This new version includes:
  • Screenshots can be uploaded and shared from our own Elive servers
  • Designs: The amazing old dark theme Lucax is back and included by default, with the fonts for the menus fixed.
  • Nvidia graphic cards installation improved and some fixes for the ATI (fglrx) ones
  • Windows applications compatibility greatly improved by switching to a recent version of Wine
  • Geolocated automatic time configurations improved
  • Newer versions of: Libreoffice, darktable, cpu microcodes, git, printer configurations, wine
  • Improvements: Default audio volumes increased. Default messages and translations. Elive translator tool. Xterm default configuration and colors improved.
  • Elive Menu: A new menu of applications has been added for all the Elive specific things, and a submenu on it for Extra features where you can found helpers, installers, or anything extra that can improve even more your Elive system without the need to include it by default in the system. Right now you can found on it a guided installer for the SilverLight browser plugin
  • Installer: Fixed a bug in the automated partitioning, the /boot partitions are now more reliable in booting your system
  • Fixes: If your desktop is started with a wrong configuration of icons, which was a very rare case, now it is detected and fixed on the fly. Color in the shell for the console mode fixed.

Notes from the Developers:

Persistence: We are playing with a special Persitence automated configuration that will let the users to save their sessions among reboots on their USB Live sticks, this mean, keeping your own selected installed packages, personal configurations, installed drivers, or even if you uninstall an applications. This feature will be completely guided without requiring to do special configurations in your USB. Thanks to this gorgeous feature you can have your personalized portable Elive system in your USB stick with your complete suite of tools, files, or even your source files on which you can work from anywhere. Why you would need to carry your laptop if you can have your personal system in a such small device?

“Dream your life.
Elive your dream”



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive