Elive 2.8.0 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.8.0
This new version includes:
  • Designs preview feature included
  • Gimp much improved with a more intuitive and useful interface, expanded navigation and direct access to handy tools
  • Fixes in the desktop stability and performance bottleneck that was caused by a small cache
  • Ebook creator tool from web articles greatly improved(cli)
  • Thumbnails for Epub and Mobi files
  • Welcome panel with multiple fixes
  • Timezone and Time compatibility with shared Windows systems and improvements in the detection and re-using of configurations


We need your feedback, each new beta version could include things not working as expected, if is the case please contact us so that we can fix the problem asap.

The beta versions are not so optimized as the Stable ones due to debug flags and developer profiles, its also less beautiful and less ready for the end users, you can encounter errors or uncomplete things, if you want a more polished syste m try the Stable version instead.

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