Elive 1.9.24 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of beta version 1.9.24

This version includes some misc features like:

Debian: We have finished syncing the repositories using the new Debian Lenny Stable, enjoy it.
  • E17: Updated Enlightenment 17 with new features. You will notice that the ‘switch desktops by moving the mouse to the edge screen’ does not work on this version anymore, for that, enable the new module.
  • Reiser 4: The new optimized filesystem Reiser4 is available as a module of our kernel. Note: this module is only available as kernel module, not in the installer as choice, so use it at your own risk. For experimental usages.
  • Kernel Headers: The kernel headers have been pointed to a wrong build directory, thus the user did not have the possibility to build their own modules except if they pointed the symlink to the correct folder. This is now fixed for all future kernel headers.
  • Scite: Scite is again our default editor, it is also the preferred choice of our users.
  • Thunar: Previews of Flash videos.
  • Mplayer: Some changes that include a fix of an annoying popup message when using poor-driver audio cards, and some hotkeys added for the non-gui mode like: left-click = pause, double-right-click = fullscreen, and normalized audio set by default.
  • Autolaunchers: Removed old thunar autolaunchers system (you could re-enable it if you want) and we are back to our old system, this makes your Elive more light and featured, unfortunately this autolauncher system requires continuous maintenance.
  • Macbooks: Better touchpad sensitivity.
  • Installer: Fixed a bug verifying the integrity in computers that has a wrong clock-time set.
  • LVM: Detection, mount, accessible in Live mode, available in the installer (requires manual creation of LVM).
  • RAID: Detection, mount, accessible in Live mode, available in the installer (requires manual creation of RAID).
  • Keymaps: A bit of work in the keymaps of the keyboards such as for slovenian, swiss and canadian. If you see any problem with the keyboard / languages please report it to
  • Languages: If you are using an external booting system such as unetbootin, you can select the language from the boot now.

We appreciate your feedbacks about the overall speed/lightness of the system compared to last stable version of Elive. You can say something in our chat channel directly from the running system. If you detect any lagging in the system please consider different setups like disabling composite (which you can select on the startup of the graphical system) in order to report improvements. We would also appreciate feedbacks about composite enabled or disabled in old computers, suggestions for better performances, and memory usage compared to Topaz.

Note that these development releases don’t include the Elive Installer yet because it’s not ready, we also didn’t include the proprietary drivers for now (Nvidia/fglrx) but the opensource drivers should detect your hardware and configure your system perfectly.

You can Download this version at the development section.

Please remember that this is an alpha version of Elive which is uncomplete and may have errors, if you want to see a polished result of Elive try the Stable version instead.

Give us a comment in our chat channel, you can also improve Elive by yourself in github.
Help us to make Elive even better!

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