Elive 2.6.6 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.6.6
This new version includes:
  • Clock Improvements: The detection of your timezone and the correct time changing between Windows and Linux are greatly improved
  • USB 3: Support for USB-3 type of memory’s included
  • Hibernation: Fixes and improvements made, you can hibernate now without problems
  • Installer fixes and improvements:
    • Automated partitioning uses the same Luks + LVM2 setup like the Debian installations, you can also re-use these existing partitions to install Elive
    • Much other fixes: Login in TTY’s, SSH working by default and recyclating configurations from a previosly installed system, disabled grub menu when only Elive is installed, increased grub timeout when the computer has more than one installed system, autologin in the graphical system when the user selects encryption or asked when it is not, much improved the user experience of the installer, partitioning process improved, sentences improved, improvements for SSD optimizations, much faster install process, etc


We need your feedbacks and reports, each version can include new things not working as expected, if is the case please contact us on our live chat or report it to from the website! Beta versions are not so optimized as the Stable ones due to debug flags and developer profiles, you can encounter errors and incomplete things, if you want a more polished system try the Stable version instead. Download this version at the Beta Download.

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