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Last pre-release 2.9.98 before the 3.0 Stable! Betatesters welcome!

Custom Elive Linux Version

Make your own customized Linux Distro!

Create your own gorgeous OS with all the features of Elive, directly built by the founder of the project.

Price: 300 USD

Limited offer

Due to the need of funding this project, I can build your own customized distro, including:

  • Your own list of packages / software included
  • Unlimited installations
  • Your own wallpaper
  • Based in the last beta versions
  • Updates available from repositories

How to proceed:

  • Send a payment from the Donations page with the requested amount (Bitcoins in preference)
  • Contact Thanatermesis with:
    • The desired list of software / packages that you want to have included or removed, (they must be available from the repositories, if they are not, the price will increase 100 $ more in case that the software installs correctly)
    • The wallpaper that you want to have by default (optional)
You don't need to pay for use or install Elive. Donations are since long time entirely optional!