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Download Elive 2.0 Stable

Do NOT use the Stable Version!

Why: the stable version is from 2010 and so has very old drivers, the last beta is very stable and much more suggested, the beta version also includes compiz support and is much more featured and reliable.

Required donation to install: Yes

Note: The next stable version will not require to donate to install it.

Elive 2.0
700 MB


Or use this alternative download if you need the special FGLRX privative driver for your ATI graphical card, note that this version includes an older kernel in order to make it working due to a bug in FGLRX, if you don’t know, you should use the normal version instead.

Elive 2.0
700 MB


Note: A donation is required to install the stable version, but you can install it cost-free too.

Please use the Beta version if you want to install it cost-free, we don’t want to restrict anybody to use Elive and we are in the path to remove any limitation, but we cannot change the old versions!



  • Boot from USB? This version is made for cdrom mode and USB is not supported, but you can use a tool like unetbootin that can make it work (so it modifies the bootable files), you can download our own copy of a verified old version that works.
  • Check our FAQ entries for common problems or articles explaining how to do things.

Important, after to install:

  • Run the script for fix the repositories
  • Install the package google-chrome-stable for have a more updated browser

Waiting for the Next Stable?

We will inform you when the next stable version is out!



Do you like Elive? We work very hard making it the best alternative for your computer, and we could do even much more if we had the resources, so please share it with your friends and help us to make it more known!

What is prior for you for the next version?

Support the project and keep it alive!

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