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Last pre-release 2.9.95 before the 3.0 Stable! Betatesters welcome!

All the good of this project happened only thanks to donations, there’s no other support upon it. Without donations Elive would not exist. Consider making a donation so that Elive will continue existing and progressing, there’s no limits of ideas for Elive, only a lack of resources to make them real.


Installer Note: This page is for donations. If you are searching for the installer-modules you need to follow the instructions during the installation process. Remember, you can still enjoy Elive without cost, all the details are included during the procedure. Thank you!

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I must admit, I tried many linux and was about to give up, the problems about drivers, bugs, freezing so on, but I heard about Elive, I though I might as well give linux another chance, and I am glad I did! Its the only OS i need, and the only one I want 🙂 Thank you, I am glad I donated, it was worth it.
- Masterizaak -

Hi, I Just want to say that this is the first software that I wanted to donate for 🙂 Thank you very much!
- Luliu -

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More amazing features and applications

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Make it more faster and light

Make it even more intuitive, my cat needs Elive

Make it more geeky, strange and unique, even ugly! yeah!!!

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2 portion of Tapas

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