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Last pre-release 2.9.96 before the 3.0 Stable! Betatesters welcome!

Last version of Elive Beta is 2.9.96

Warning: this last version 2.9.96 includes an amazing, ubergeek, and futuristic new feature hidden in the window borders! 🙂

Direct Download

This project will die if there’s not a minimum of donations to maintain it

There’s an average of 1 donation per day, would you change my day? 🙂

But you are free to donate or not:

Delayed Download

Receive the download 24 hours later

This version has been downloaded 552 times


  • Check your email and mark it as important in order to always receive them correctly
  • If you use Hotmail / Live / Msn, you need to add “” and “” to your contacts, otherwise you will never be able to receive an email (microsoft blacklists linux* emails?)

This project is entirely cost-free, installation included, but donations are crucial for the progress and survival of the project, so this is just a motivation to do it while we don’t want to restrict anybody to use Elive, because it’s more important for us to give Elive to the world than making a profit from it.

Stay tuned to the releases!