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The main computer for Elive development is an old Core2duo, if you have some more recent hardware that you don't use and you want to donate it to Elive it will be very appreciated :)

Last version of Elive Beta is 2.9.20

Warning: this last version 2.9.20 includes an amazing, ubergeek, and futuristic new feature hidden in the window borders! 🙂

Direct Download

This project will die if there’s not a minimum of donations.

You select the amount, 10, 25, 50, or any of your choice

There’s an average of 1 donation per day, would you change my day? 🙂

Delayed Download

Receive the download 2 hours later


  • Check your email and mark it as important in order to avoid spam issues
  • Specially if you use Hotmail / Live / Msn, add “” and “” to your contacts, otherwise you will not receive any email from us (microsoft blacklists linux* emails?)

This project is entirely cost-free, installation included, but donations are crucial for the progress and survival of the project, so this is just a motivation to do it while we don’t want to restrict anybody to use Elive, because it’s more important for us to give Elive to the world than making a profit from it.

Stay tuned to the releases!