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Download the latest Beta version of Elive

Update: we need mirrors! please be a mirror or donate if you can

Version: 2.9.9
3.1 GB

Recording Elive to USB is recommended over using a DVD. The data integrity is stable, access is faster and you can save your configured networks. Read the instructions to see how to record and boot your computer from USB, it even works on computers that cannot boot from USB!

Version: 2.9.9
3 GB

The DVD alternative is a much more traditional yet less reliable way to boot a computer with Elive. You can use this image and load it on a USB for some computers that are unable to boot from. Read the FAQs to see more about this.

Mirrors Urgency: We don’t have enough mirrors, if you have a server please consider to be a mirror or to make a donation so we can improve it.



Linux download tips:

  • For a more reliable download, right click in the button to copy the download and open a terminal where to run the command “wget -c LINK” (press the middle button of your mouse where to write the link), this way your download will correctly complete to the end and continue in case of stopped connection.
  • If you have downloaded a previous version of Elive you can use zsync to use it as a seed and only require to download around a 10% to be completed, know how to do that asking to keyra

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