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Beta version

Download the last Beta version of Elive
Version: 2.6.0
2 GB
Use the DVD version only to record on DVDs, if you want to put it on a USB use the USB image instead, we strongly suggest to use the USB version because is much more reliable, fast, and featured.
Version: 2.6.0
2 GB
For record the USB image you should use ‘dd’ to dump it on an usb or the win32diskimager tool if you are in windows, do not use other tools because they changes the contents and the partitioning which can lead to less reliable booting and compatibility among computersUSB Bonus: The USB image includes special features like to remember the networks configured.Note: To install the beta version of Elive we will motivate you to make a donation

Note: If you have problems booting from the USB, some computers can boot only the .iso (DVD) images writed in the same way as the USB. Sometimes the reason is also the pendrive which can be slow to load on boot, so try with other ones too, at least 4 GB of memory are required on them.

We need Mirrors!

Do you have a hosting with unlimited bandwidth and want to help us to have another mirror available?

Collaborators Welcome!

  • Marketing / Website improvings
  • C programmers for the EFL / E17 api
  • PHP programmers