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Download the latest Beta version of Elive

Actually I’m on the way to hire somebody to help me to finish the last parts for the next Stable version of Elive (designer for now, and developer if the donations are enough), so Please collaborate with this project making a donation to get the last freshly made beta version of Elive!

Or if you prefer:


Download without donate

Because of the need to collect donations to finish the next Stable, I disabled these days the direct download links, but If you can’t (or don’t want to) donate, just send me a message from the contact section (to Thanatermesis) and I will answer you with the links to download Elive Beta.

Note: Please let me know if there’s any problem. So we are testing new ways to get donations. If you experience something wrong in this new system (like if downloads don’t appears after to have donated) please inform us! from the widget on the right. Thank you :)