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Final BETA version! - Please try it and report any thing before we release Elive 3.0 Stable :)

Have you ever dreamed of using Compiz in Enlightenment ?

Elive was the first distro to bring it to reality!

In the midst of the development in the Elive Labs. Thanatermesis has been experimenting in secret with a special version of Elive! Something that has been wished for/requested for a long time, E17 + Compiz !

You can use it in the versions from 2009, but to use Compiz in a newer version of Elive we need your help! Details in the next section…

Is your computer fast? enough

Elive is so blazing fast and light that you cannot believe how smooth it can run in your slow computer! And since you cannot believe it, there’s two small videos that demonstrates it! 🙂

This computer is the first “Asus Eeepc 701” nettop’s, with only 4GB of hard disk, 500 Mb of Ram and 600 Mhz of cpu (overclockable to 900). The version of Elive used was the stable Topaz or even Gem probably, and was installed using Reiser4 with real time compression to be able to fit in only 4gb 🙂

And this computer is one of the first models of “Acer Aspire ONE” nettop. This video was recorded recently in a beta version of Elive, manual loading of the compiz features was needed by enabling the Ecomorph emodule and configuring it myself!

How to activate it?

One of the biggest goals in the next stable version is to ship it with a perfectly working, stable and reliable version of compiz/ecomorph integrated by default, it is a gorgeous eye-candy but it also improves a lot the usability of the desktop and making your desktop much more light and fast. But for that we strictly need your help to make it a reality.

Help us to include Compiz in Elive 3.0!