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Since this page stills in construction so this is just a small list of the software included, you can know about other software included in the homepage too


LibreOffice is the most commonly used office suite, which is free and open, it allows you to create documents that are compatible with other office software by using the correctly compatible extensions, you can export to PDF and it supports a lot of features, don’t worry about your office needs and just use the directly on Elive.


Most people liked to have and use Skype, we still including it for those users but is not free and we suggest to use instead the Google Hangouts which is also installed and working by default.


Gimp is the most common and used alternative to photoshop, it supports many features and who is used to it doesn’t needs photoshop. Inkscape is a vectorial design application. Blender is an extremely powerful 3D creation suite that supports modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.


Avidemux is a complete application to convert any video to any format, it supports also effects and a good number of features. Cinelerra is a very powerful and professional video editor (NLE), with it you can do very professional works.


Do you ever wanted to use Windows at the same that you use Linux? or to have different operating systems installed in your computer and running in the same time? What about making snapshots of the states of these machines to try to install rare software and then go back to the previous state? VirtualBox is an emulator of computer, if your real computer has virtualization features in the CPU these machines can run even faster than if was really installed on your computer.