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It’s time to change the world

It has already started

And it’s not going to stop

  • Improved designs and beautiful interfaces made by professional designers.
  • Better performance, integrity and features.
  • And, to release it entirely cost free. For everyone. For every country. For every school. For ever.

Let’s make the best operating system ever made.

Elive provides a dynamic and clean interface without saturating the look. Nothing in the desktop is static. Simplicity and intuitive is one of its best points.

The menu is reachable from any point of the desktop instead of being in a single place, icons grows when you pass over them, you have a pager where you can have your windows better organized than in the classic minimized way, you can customize it to look at any imaginable way.

Elive provides animated elements like backgrounds, icons, widgets, and even the terminal, in Elive your desktop can have 3D effects without need of an accelerated graphic card, and the best, it also can work in your oldest computer, how much systems can do all that?

Elive is not made for newbies. Elive is not made for experienced people. Elive is not made for enterprises or personal user. Elive is art. It is simply for the people who appreciate it and want to use it. Feel free to try Elive, because only you decide what you want in this world!


The reasons of the Elive existence


No matter how new is your computer, in less than 3 years you will probably need to buy a new one. In the middle of an important work it can block, probably destroy your precious information, and from time to time you need to reinstall the entire system. At the end you have a mountain of frustration, that makes you hate computers, technology, the invention of fire, and the entire earth itself.

These things are simply unacceptable for us, so we decided to create an entire and better system for you, giving you an enjoyable experience.


Most of the systems doesn’t come with the basic needs covered, and so you need to lose your time researching good applications that fits your needs. While other systems are not “ready” to be used, Elive comes with all that you may need and everything is working out of the box. Elive is simply a ready to use system.

We are passionate about designing the best interactive and usable interfaces that even our parents could use with ease. Things are reachable without need to dig in thousands of options to reach the one that you are searching for. It is easy for us to understand what you expect from your computer.


We hate limitations, why we should not allow you to do anything that you want? Personalization and possibilities are a must to have!

You can not only personalize the system with the look that you want to have, but you can also change entirely its behaviour, you have thousands of options to play with and you can build your own ones, the limits are simply in your imagination.

Is your imagination enough to imagine the infinite?


We enjoy making Elive, and because things made by pleasure are better than the ones made by an external incentive. Elive has not planned obsolescence, we want to made it good, not to sell it.  One example is that you will never found ads in Elive, your life is much more important than for lose your time annoyed by publicity.

We are complainers, not conformists, we are not obedient, we don’t accept the unacceptable, we do what we want to do, we break the rules, the future has freedom and quality, did you want to walk it with us?


Elive already includes all the software that you would need, you will not miss anything so the system is just ready to use, in difference to other operating systems Elive is not slower by having much software installed, its blazing fast!

Between them we can found special things like: automatic music tagger, video composers, graphic edition, office suite, productivity applications, virtual machine emulators, advanced terminal features, music downloaders, torrent, dj mixer, darktable, photo albums manager, video converters, media centers, typist trainer, etc… and of course all the common software like email, web, gimp, inkscape, etc.


Elive has a highly developed internal structure, making it adaptable to all your needs.

You can do things like to write simple documents or make professional video editing, being multitasking you can launch any applications at the same time without blocking. Thus Elive never blocks, never has virus and never destroys your data due to unacceptable errors.  An user called 'Mikeat5000' ran Elive for more than 500 days without reboot, one day his son hit the power button accidentally

The system is so customizable that you can change entirely its behaviour and automate tasks in any desired way.


Elive is extremely fast because it consumes minimal resources and it is highly optimized.

You can even run Elive in your oldest computer transforming it back to a powerful workstation, so imagine how fast it will run on your newer computer!

We use for that the most lightweight combination of applications, libraries, and techniques to build a very responsive and optimized system.

You need to satisfy your needs at the speed of the thought, not to wait for them to load.


Elive has a polished, clean, and dynamic interface. Bringing you to a beautiful and pleasure experience.

We take care of each minimal detail that you may not see. Thanks to its unlimited possibilities and internal optimization we have created an operating system whose beauty is unsurpassed… and the best is yet to come!

You can even have transparencies and 3d/compiz effects in your desktop without the need of a 3D graphic card, sounds impossible? Try it!  The feature to run composite effects in computers without an accelerated 3d card, is only available since the version upper to Topaz 2.0, so the beta versions, until the next stable will come


My humble pc became in an incredible graphics experience, high performance and low resource consumption.
- Pablo -

I first tried Elive in an old computer and I was surprised how fast it worked, but later I bring it on my school and I was surprised by the visual effects and how nice they worked.
- Sebastián Zambrano -

Elive adds a refreshing look to what ever pc it runs on. It's component parts work well and installation is a breeze. The live disc includes more than just the essentials, having a broad range of desktop applications elive is a fast lane into modern media editing and recreation.
- Andy Page -

To the creators behind this awesome distro, please allow me to congratulate you and give you my thanks, for creating this unique piece of software. Elive is fast, super fast, freaking fast, is a gem. Thank you!!!!!
- Joe101 -

I deal with free software and OS's for about two years and I must say I was really surprised when I tested for the first time Elive, it worked better than ANY Linux distro, and was even lighter (and more beautiful) than advanced systems. This distro is awesome, you really got to test to understand.
- Felipe Magnus Gil -

I have worked with a lot of operating systems, to say that Elive is an exceptional work is not enough, good job!
- Enrique Fröhlich -

Some distros are set up like a house decorated for it's cover shot and photo spread. Elive is like a home that someone lives in. Users will discover the many subtle details only after living with Elive for a while.
- Eight bit al -

I don't know what specifically you did, but I tried 10 different linux systems prior to attempting Elive and is the first time that my external hard disk was recognized correctly. I love you guys for it. You saved all my data! Thanks!
- jxn -

When I first looked at Elive I thought it looked very interesting, but I did not realize what a surprise I was in for! This Beautiful OS astounded me! I had no words for it! It competes with the likes of any other system I have ever used, And I have used every other popular OS's out there today!
- Daniel Lapain -

Super! This system is MUCH FASTER than XP or Vista. It runs really great and stable. In addition, it looks great! My girlfriends want to install Elive now.
- Lillith Eva -

It is the best and fastest linux distribution, combining speed, functionality and appearance on a perfect way.
- Marcelo -

With Elive I was able to revive an old PC I had, give the functions that I never thought possible in a totally efficient way. Elive is a fully recommended amazing system.
- Gecko -

Truly a very nice system, simple and powerful, able to satisfy the most demanding user. Congratulations!
- Ruben Velasco -

I have traveled a lot in the selection of the adequate system, a total of 36 systems tried, and Elive is exceptionally divine
- Christian rG. ITBSW -

I'd just like to say a big thankyou to the developers who put together one of the nicest user experiences I've ever come across.
- The Leander -

Elive was the only way to convince my childrens to use Linux, from all the other systems that I have tried they prefered to use Windows XP. Now they are fans of Elive! (Note: they have 5, 7 and 9 years old). Excellent work, Congratulations!
- Fito -

This system is BEAUTIFUL, and the most beautiful thing is that it consumes nothing.
- Jess Luana -

It's simply the better and the most beautiful operating system that i ever used.
- Cédric BLONDEAU -


Is Elive made for you?


Elive is perfect for personal use, no matters if you are novice or an advanced user, in Elive you can found powerful tools at the same time that everything is intuitive, it also includes a very good selection of applications by default so you can enjoy of all the tools that a computer can bring to you.


As you may know, Elive uses Debian as base, but not like a fork or a hack like what Ubuntu did, it’s more like an adapted customization of Debian, keeping the maximum compatibility with it. You can install Elive very fastly and optimized for every computer and use it for a server or any other purpose, so you can enjoy of the amazing features for terminal unique in Elive.


You don’t know what to install in the computer of your mother? Do you have kids and they found linux hard to use? Elive is so intuitive that anybody can enjoy using it, my mother uses Elive too and she’s very happy with, and I received some testimonials giving thanks for having this system installed on their child’s computers. Try it!


  • Multiple Languages support
  • Automated detection of language and timezone, based on your ip
  • Drivers compatibility, most probably your hardware will work out of the box
  • Wide range of Wireless devices supported
  • Pager, a better way to organize your workplace
  • All the applications that you may need already included
  • Multiple audio cards supported at the same time, allowing you to use microphone or speakers from separately
  • Virtual Machines, where you can run Windows or Mac systems
  • Useful for Kids to learn, and daily usable for parents
  • Flexible options, configure it as you want, change the entire behaviour or even create your owns.
  • Applications Bar, put on it your favorite applications

And MUCH More...

  • Automatic launchers and mounts actions
  • Automated set of clock when you change to another country
  • Automate tasks that you found repetitive.
  • Share folders and access to remote ones
  • Convert Audio’s and Images massively just selecting them
  • Nurse mode: a full suite of health tests and reparation system
  • Fonts and Brushes sets included by default
  • 101% customizable desktop and everything
  • Complete Media-Center (xbmc)
  • Overall compatibility and integration between applications
  • Games & Game Emulators
  • Intuitive way of work, drag-n-drop anything anywhere
  • Hotkeys: we have hotkeys for anything, use them and you will work much faster



In Elive you can customize anything like animated wallpapers and icons, widgets, terminal, composite / compiz effects, create your own desktop plugins (called emodules), and anything that could come to your imagination.

Install other Operating Systems

Do you need to have a Windows or MacOsX system? or just any other number of GNU/Linux systems? maybe even to play with BSD systems or much more exotic systems? You have Virtualbox which is a virtualized machine pretty fast and powerful to install any system on it and use it like it was running for real in your computer, and of course with special features like snapshoting states, cloning the machine, shared files, access to usb/cdroms, and much more.

3D Graphic card is not required

Thanks to special features by Enlightenment, you can enjoy of composite effects in your desktop without the requirement of a graphic  accelerated card.  The feature to run composite effects in computers without an accelerated 3d card, is only available since the version upper to Topaz 2.0, so the beta versions, until the next stable will come

Video Performances

After Elive 2.0 Topaz, the video performance was almost doubled, we can now play Full-HD Videos in an Acer Aspire-ONE without any lag or slowness. If you want to see perfectly smooth playing videos for optimal quality, you need to select the GL composite mode at the start of the system, and the vertical sync one (vhsync, also called screen tearing). This will allow you to play perfectly synchronized videos without those horizontal lines caused by an async rendering that you may have noticed

Connect to Internet using your Mobile Phone

We have researched in the past a nice application that would allow you to connect to internet using your mobile phone internet connection, because we didn’t found it, we created our own application. Perfectly integrated on your desktop you can select your provider and country from a long list, and you are gifted by some handy features:
  • It remembers your settings and provider for connect the next time, added in a new submenu
  • set it to automatically connect to internet at the startup, very useful if you live somewhere where your only possibility to connect to internet is using your phone, or if you travel by some days
  • connect or disconnect in a single click

USB creator of Elive bootable sticks

Go everywhere with an USB bootable with Elive, but even better, maintain your data and settings permanently in your USB like it was a    real disk.  The feature of persistence (only persistence, you have the creator in Topaz too), is only available since the version upper to Topaz 2.0, so the beta versions, until the next stable will come

Friendly Admin Mode

Let’s suppose this common problem: Think about normal users that doesn’t know about how to use the terminal and needs to do some administration task on his system. What steps he will require to do? this is an example:
  • Open a terminal
  • Type “su” and put your root password
  • run “cd /etc” in order to go to the configurations directory
  • edit the file fstab, for that:
    • run “vim fstab”
    • type “i” and then…
    • wrong idea, exit, with :q!
    • use nano instead
    • etc…
As you can see, is a bit painful for some user that doesn’t knows how to use the terminal about to edit some conf file, imagine yourself giving these details to your parents. In Elive we found the perfect solution for that, don’t need to know how to use the terminal, or which editor to use, the way is very simple:
  • Open your File Manager, where your files are
  • Right click and select Admin Mode
  • You have a new window opened, run by your admin (root), where you can browse and go to anywhere of your system easily, and you can edit files without worry about which application to use, because a simple right-click on the selected file will do all the job, visually
  • What more friendly way you can found than that?

Reparation Mode

Since Topaz you have a full, friendly for any user level, reparation suite in case you need it, with features such as:
  • Recover Configurations: You can recover any “Elive default” configurations, like your desktop settings
  • Hardware Tests to verify that your computer is working without problems
  • Packages: check if your system contains all the packages included by default with Elive, if not, you may miss any feature
  • Free Space on the disk
  • Kernel: Install newer kernels or also with special support like more than 4gb of ram
  • Much more…

Installer Unique Features

Our Installer includes special features such as:
  • Upgrade mode: instead of reinstall Elive
  • Migrate mode: if you try to install over common OS’s like ubuntu or debian, it allows you to save your users, files, passwords, and everything, like a conversion of OS
  • No media needed: do you want to reinstall Elive but you don’t want to use a cdrom or USB? you can boot the live mode directly from your hard disk in an automated way and install it without problems
  • Much more…


eliveuser ❯ cat science.db | artify.rb | strip > /dev/kernel Elive features the best of each thing
[OK] beautified knowledge
[OK] optimized
[OK] kernel updated
eliveuser ❯

OSS (audio) Compatibility

Have you ever tried to run some very old application that requires OSS audio system? This is a very common problem with some games too. Elive makes all the applications/games that requires OSS to simply work directly without require to do anything. Tip: you can also use the command “aoss” previously to the command that you want to run for bypass all the oss audio layer to the ALSA audio system


First, we are developers, Elive is happy to bring you by default a powerful and customized shell, you can found some nice features like:
  • A satisfying Color scheme
  • When you connect via SSH, your prompt changes to a unique-color set to the name of the host where you are connected, on that way you will never run any command in the wrong terminal
  • When you are working as root, the username is set to red
Some Features after the version 2.0 Topaz:
  • Switched to zsh by default
  • Much nicer color scheme (candy!)
  • Git powered prompt (and other good amount of zsh features)
  • 256 colors enabled terminal
  • aliases for common apt-get commands

Powerful CLI (shell) tools by Elive!

We enjoy making useful tools, if you try it you will ask yourself how was possible to have survived all this time without them!
  • bkp: the most useful tool that you may have never seen! It makes you incremental snapshots of the directory where you are actually, persistent after reboots and without matter what contents you have on it, it is even compatible if you are in a git repository, saving incremental backup points from any required moment where you can go back to any previous saved, do you want to play something dangerous in your git source code? just run “bkp save” before to do it and you will have a free assurance gift. Do you want to compile something but you know that will put a lot of trash files on your source code directory? just go back to the state previously to the compilation. But you have much more features too:
    • bkp save: it saves a snapshot of your directory, incremental
    • bkp restore: it restores any state from any point, and go back to the last one too
    • bkp meld: amazing feature for do a visual comparison between the previous saved state and the actual one
    • bkp meld 5: same, but since the fifth previous state
    • bkp diff: generates a perfectly compatible diff from different states, if you dump it to a file you have a patch
    • bkp purge: it removes all your saved states history
    • bkp work: a different way to use it, it does a clone of your actual directory in a temporal place so that you can do anything on it, you can later compare the result for if you want to import anything made
  • pandoc-from-web-to-misc: generate ebooks and pdf’s from any website link, the results are amazing!
  • psort: ever wanted a command that does a sort but giving to it a priority list of matches?
  • procrastination-erradicator: do you have hard to start focusing in your work? try it
  • elivepaste: a handy and more automated way to use pastebin websites
  • setvolume: a command to change the volume of your computer dynamically, use it with any of your commands
  • precache: use it with songs or videos for previously cache them, but also with applications for faster run them
  • waitfor: do you want to run something but only after another thing has finished? simple:  waitfor && scp compiled-result user@myserver:
  • count-mb-network: a simple way to count your transfer bandwith used in your shell
  • Sometimes we got enlightened, and we make a new tool 🙂

Console Editor (VIM)

Vim comes with some special features enabled by default, specially after the version 2.0 Topaz, like:
  • An own colorscheme, using specific colors for be useful more than beautiful
  • Ctags for EFL libs
  • Edje syntax
  • Ships with Bundle by default
  • Already Installed must-to-have and well beta-tested plugins
  • Much more, see your .vimrc file !

Enlightened Terminal

Terminology is the terminal by Enlightenment, it is simply Amazing, but better than words, just see a small video demo:

Enlightenment / E17 Improvings

We improve Enlightenment for adapt things better in Elive, at the same time sometimes we make new features for Enlightenment too such as:
  • Focus Remembers: multiple features for a better remember of the focus of your window, for example when you come back from another desktop or a delay for add it to the remember list after to have passed a minimum amount of time on it
  • Window limits: We found that some users had difficult to move their windows if they allows to be out of the screen, so we designed a much better and smarter management of the limits of the windows inside the screen with different options
  • Night Mode: This feature inverts the colors of your monitor, perfect for read things at night or to not have a tired vision
  • Sleep Mode: This feature allows you to put your computer to sleep, suspend or hibernation, after some time has passed or at a specific hour, you can configure it to be on that way each day, perfect for go to sleep listening music or leave the computer to finish some tasks before to shutdown


If you need to have a Web server, or any other like FTP, Shell accounts, Email server or service, in fact any kind of server, Elive is upon a Debian system, and you know that Debian is one of the optimal choices for use it as a server.

Programming Environment

We, first are programmers, we like to have an already ready system on Elive for programming. Elive ships with some optimal settings like an improved Vim (plugins, settings, and own color scheme), you can develop with the EFL libraries already packed and included, with their own ctags, and other pretty things like an optimal keyboard layout for programmers ready to use

So… what are you waiting for? Try it!

It’s time for a new experience…