Elive 3.0.4 stable update

Elive 3.0 has been updated, and it will probably be the last updated build for the 3.0 release!

In the last few months I have been deeply working on the next future versions of Elive, which will support things like Secure Boot and UEFI, with 64bit available builds and based in Debian Buster, all these things are simply… amazing! I hope to make the next beta versions publicly available soon with also including a working installer that will have extra features! I didn’t wanted to publicly announce anything until now because I’m a meticulous perfectionist who wants to verify that most of the things are correctly working before giving any promise.

What about this updated version 3.0.4?

This updated release includes multiple internal improvements that has been developed for the next versions of Elive and I backported these improvements to 3.0, there’s too many internal code improved to list all the details but I can at least summarize some important points:

  • Persistence: Overall improvements for saving the desktop configurations based on different hardware profiles, and improvements for the option to encrypt your persistence
  • Elive Health tool: Improvements for the critical temperature detection feature
  • USB recorder tool: Supports now compressed downloaded images, so with it you can record securely USB’s with any downloaded OS
  • Sound: Support for pulseaudio in the Elive internal mixer tool, in case the user installs it by itself
  • Installer: Multiple parts have been rewritten with a better code, that improves its reliability and overall stability.
  • Elive tools: Fixes and improvements have been made based on the tests and compatibility with a different base system.
  • Desktop: Disabled by default the tool that suggests a monthly donation since its annoying for the overall Elive experience.
  • Translations: Updated builds with updated translations made by the collaboration of the users!

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Elive your dream”



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive