Elive 2.9.14 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.14
This new version includes:
  • Nvidia / ATI works on the installed system thanks to the reports of the users
  • Fonts automated selection and sizing based in your type of screen, resolution and dpi, also includes desktop scaling factor
  • Performance multiple improvements in: encrypted installations, compiling flags, release mode, optimized effects, ARGB calculations disabled for borders, much faster and responsive desktop, reduced temporal writes in the Live mode, switched to dash in some daemons to reduce low memory usage.
  • USB tool to record live medias in the most easiest and secure way, here’s a little video
  • Processes watcher improved detecting and dealing with stuck processes or that may consume your cpu or memory
  • Terminology don’t crash anymore when opening new tabs
  • Designs has tons of improvements

Notes from the Developer:

This release includes a ton of polishments and fine-tuning, you can see big improvements in both the visual aspects and the performance and stability of the entire system, hope you enjoy it! :)

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Elive your dream”