Elive 2.9.12 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.12
This new version includes:
  • Performance: Desktop and effects has been increased to at least the 194 % more fast and smoother than before, video playback is also much smoother and fast.
  • Installer: The Elive installer has been refactored and includes lots of fixes and improvements, also a validator of username, password and hostname characters allowed, browser fix, entirely cost-free install and easier installation process
  • Audio cards detection and configuration improved
  • Wifi connections automatically pop up if there’s available connections and you are not connected to internet
  • Dock is improved with active opened windows access and controls
  • Iconified windows now includes their name in the icon
  • Wallpapers automated switching is improved to a single loop now
  • Translations has been improved, proofreaded and with clearer messages
  • BTS The new Bug Tracking System website is ready! all the reports has been fixed and the new version is more featured and also allows logins using your gmail or github accounts
  • Thanks a lot to Stijn Michiels aka ‘grottem’ by its constant help in betatesting, bug catching, reports, translations, proofreading, and much misc help to Elive, that will make the next major release to be finished sooner!

Notes from the Developers:

I’m very proud to announce this version release which is just amazing, it is a very improved environment very suggest as a stable system for your daily use, it is also entirely cost-free like all the recent versions so don’t hesidate to put it in every machine that you have, specially to revive old computers! everything smells like the final major release version is near :)

Benchmarks: The greatly increased performances has been due by different sides: first of all the Enlightenment desktop has been compiled without the debugging flags that has been included for many time due to the development status, and multiple optmization compiling flags was added too, this increased the performance of the desktop in a 30%. The powerful libraries of Enlightenment that is the core of every EFL application like the desktop has also switched to these flags, plus the profiling compilation turned from ‘dev’ to ‘release’ which proves in the benchmarks of ‘expedite’ as an increase of 64%. Finally, the ARGB calculation option for the composite layer has been turned off, with the small penalty of not having transparencies in the borders anymore now you can play videos almost as twice as fast as before, this has been perfectly noticiable (and discovered by) the videos playing in a low resources nettop. The final result is a performance of more than the 194% as before, if you compare previous versions with this one you can notice the desktop pretty much smoother and responsive in every side, now that we are near to the stable release the debugging options are not needed anymore and we have also the desktop layer feature that takes care about your desktop health and working state, making Elive to be even more a perfect system to use in low resources computers.

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