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Elivim, the amazing NeoVim Framework

Elivim is a Neovim framework based on NvChad made by Elive. It is a meticulously curated customization with top-notch plugins, a consistent key mapping, and user-friendly interfaces designed to enhance efficiency and practicality. This video has been created to showcase its most remarkable features.

Showreel and demos of the Elivim Features

This is the most beautiful version of vim I've seen so far - Stefano Lugli

Included Optional Integrations

Elivim includes optional integrations in case you want to have them, the required API keys will be asked when installing it


Copilot will help you create the next content. It literally acts as if it is reading your mind, knowing what the next thing you want to write is. It can be code or even writing your to-do list. In the case of code, it seems to understand pretty much everything, including your own functions. It is extremely handy when you are going to write a small piece of complex code that you don't want to think about. Let's say, for example, a for loop of a multidimensional array. This video shows many demonstrations of its usage.

Tip: Before writing your code, it is suggested to add a comment describing what it should do. This will make it easier to understand exactly what you want and will indirectly improve the readability of your code.


This integration uses ChatGPT directly from the API, helping your code in multiple ways, such as finding bugs that you don't know where they are, optimizing the code, adding unit testing, creating new code, or code completion, code explanation, and readability analysis. It manages different sessions and allows you to configure settings like the AI model. You can write to it just like you do in the ChatGPT interface prompt. Allowing you to compare the modifications in a diff-form before accepting them. Check the video to see a complete demonstration of it running on Elivim.

Use Vim / Neovim in an efficient way

I made a short 7-minute video tutorial that shows you how to use a Vim-like editor effectively and efficiently.


Elive (vanilla) is directly included as a snapshot version in the latest Elive versions and without the extra integrations. If you want to obtain the complete version with the incredible automatic updates, Elive in Premium mode provides direct access to its automatic updates, which may contain bug fixes and newer features. The premium version also includes the additional optional integrations that you can enable during installation.

To have access to the premium version you need to be an Elive Patron, which is the new way to sustain this project. If you have no financial possibilities you can also be an Elive promotor, or an Elive collaborator, ask more about this in our forums.

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