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Enhance your Server

Enjoy the best useful features of Elive directly on your servers

How many times have you set up a server and be a slow and tedious process to make it comfortable? That's why I wrote this tool, automating everything to set up a functional Elive shell and CLI features in only 2 minutes. And that's not all, I also added additional features like an optional installer and services with their optimal settings.


It's all in a simple script which you can read in a few minutes to know exactly what it will do. Basically, it will install a few packages like tmux, zsh, etc., just like adding its own dotfiles to enjoy it. This is the default enhancer, but optionally, there are also extra installers of services.


Unlike other Elive versions this is not an ISO to install. It is just a tool to enhance your servers. Your server can be a Debian or an Ubuntu one and this tool will improve your shell switching it to the amazing one made by Elive, just like some other handy features like automated TMUX saving your sessions.

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Never improving a plain server has been so easy to do, in a few minutes, and including these so optimized settings


  • ZSH prompt as in Elive

  • TMUX automated and keeping sessions

  • Every server will show a different color in their hostname

  • TAB featured with many autocompletions

  • VIM / Neovim, git aliases, and so many...


  • Web server (performant Nginx)

  • MYSQL (mariadb) / PHP / phpmyadmin

  • Email (exim) / dovecot / smtp+imap / antispam

  • Fail2ban / Iptables / rootkitcheck / monit

  • Users creation, with own email settings, websites, etc


  • Wordpress installation and DB creation from userspace

  • Optimal settings for speed and performance (0,5 GB RAM)

  • Included best plugins for security and needs

  • Install extra wordpress sites, WITHOUT using extra resources.

  • Everything in 5 minutes

Just the tools

This special version of Elive is, unlike other releases, not an ISO to download or install. It is just a tool that installs the Elive features in your actual server. This means that you can pick a Debian or Ubuntu one like you always do, and improve it enormously thanks to Elive

Or do more Magic

This tool also includes the options to install server functionalities, like a web server, a full-blown email server, security tools, monitoring, and even a full WordPress website setup. All of them using the optimal settings for lightness and performance.

Advanced description

Everything is set up on a script which can be perfectly read before using it. This script will perform some administrative tasks such as adding the Elive repositories and installing zsh and tmux, among other dependencies needed to add features. Then, it will add the Elive dotfiles to showcase them with the customized settings.

Afterward, your server will become much more user-friendly, offering an improved shell with very friendly features, enhanced autocompletion, dynamic prompt, git visual helpers, and much more.

Installer Details

If you only want the shell improvement, this is the default behavior.

In case you want to install a web server, it will install NGINX, adding optimal settings by default, enabling needed ports in the firewall, and that's all.

If you add PHP functionality, it will ask you for the version, reconfigure NGINX to enable it, and add a few default settings.

If you install WordPress, it will do much more, like adding its own user, asking for the website's name, creating SSL certificates, configuring the database, including a few plugins, configuring security and redirectors, bots banner, and even phpMyAdmin to manage the database when needed. Additional WordPress website installations will not consume extra resources.

There are more features and installers, and you can read the source code before running it.

How to access

When somebody becomes a Patron of Elive, his email is added as a contributor to the GitHub Elive-Premium organization. This grants this person access to the contents of everything contained in it. By looking at each project, there is a description on their pages of how to install the specific premium features if the user wants to.

Know more details or directly use it on its own project homepage (you must be a Patron of Elive to access to it)