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Elive should be a light system that runs fast in any computer, without stop being fully featured and having a very beautiful interface, this is not a dream, is a reality which has always been in Elive for more than 12 years.

As more difficult challenge, It should re-think standards and search for more optimized ones, brainstorm new concepts and offering alternative ways to work faster, this is also not a dream but they are specially internal or features that the normal users don’t know, someday I will write about them in the website.

And finally, Elive should keep up a simple and clean design, an experience not saturated of options but also giving all the possible power, it needs to be as much intuitive that my mother or any person can use it, this is not a dream but an actual reality that is improving in every new version.


Because computers still needs a good system to use.

Future Plans


There’s at least 2 important things in your desktop that are very bad designed and everybody stills using them without thinking about having them differently, I want to redesign them with a much improved concept, but I don’t want to tell you the details yet because I want to make it a reality and it can be a better surprise, at least for now, sorry for that, and help me to do it sooner! :)

To provide you more and better tools to customize and modify your Elive, my dreams are more like a fully automated system where everybody is connected and can share their modifications so everybody can enjoy them, sounds a bit crazy huh? or maybe just hard to develop.

Education is maybe the most important thing in the world, we all want a smart society, to be creative instead of destructive, with the ability to change the world, one of the biggest plans in Elive is to improve the education by making a special version with the best customizations for that, and this, in combination with the lightness that provides Elive, could make any old computer to be a powerful tool for the education, do you imagine the kids of sub-developed country’s to being geniuses? :) So I don’t want to just imagine it!

Because the main matter of the universe is love and the meaning of life is creation.

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