Make Elive 3.0 a Reality

I had a dream

Where Elive 3.0 was released, with many more features and completely cost free, where much more people was able to use it, and where thousands of forgotten computers revived with a refreshed system… But it was only a dream? What could mean if the next stable version will be cost free?


But It depends on you

Since I created Elive, my purpose has been to build a complete and featured system that specially helps people with low resources around the world. I have spend more than 12 years of my life making EliveĀ and during all this time I have been using my limited resources that made it imposible to finish the next version. While computer industries push us to buy the last products, there’s thousands of students around the world that struggles with their computers, running slower every day and making their learning inefficient, having less time to sleep and freezing their researching advancements. Would not it be a good thing, to improve their tools? What about the opportunity for older people of re-using their computers without cost with updated software and intuitive interfaces, being able to communicate easily with their families and having more openness to the new technologies? For more than 12 years, Elive has been improved in every new version with very limited resources, and because I’m not an enterprise, today I ask you to make the Elive 3.0 release possible. I have launched a crowdfunding and this, has also an increased amount of benefits:
  • Improved designs and beautiful interfaces made by professional designers.
  • Better performance, integrity and features.
  • More tools to make your own hacks and customizations.
  • To make a lot of awaiting ideas a reality.
  • And, to release it entirely cost free.
To build an big mountain, every grain is essential.    


Elive aims to be light and fast in every computer, at the same time fully featured with a beautiful interface, clean and intuitive without being saturated of options. Elive re-thinks the ideas and creates new concepts for a better user experience when using a computer, giving you alternatives to work faster and covering the needs of every user. With Elive 3.0, millions of computers will be more efficient, having less technological waste in the world and more possibilities in sub-developed countries. Let’s make it a reality and let’s give the possibility to everybody use it, let’s share Elive around the world.     [button title=”Make it a Reality” type=”linkbutton” color=”blue” align=”aligncenter” url=”/make-elive-3-0-reality” target=”_self” ]   PS… It would mean a world if you also forward and share this email to a handful of friends, family, and co-workers.



Samuel F. Baggen

Founder and Developer of Elive