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Retrowave Linux

A trip back to the 80s, a neon utopia for your Computer.
A complete Operating System featuring a Synthwave-inspired look and feel.

What is Elive Retrowave?

Elive Retrowave version is a unique fresh take on Synthwave designs, integrating colorful neon aspects built on Elive.

It will transform old computers into high-performance machines offering everything a modern system needs with simple interfaces and automated tools on a dazzling customized Desktop Environment.

Elive, by design will provide a snappy, stable and reliable experience. Suited for work as well as recreational home usage and appealing to novice and experienced users alike.

Best of all: It’s completely free, to download, use and install, forever.

Elive RetroWave will continue to receive free updates and upgrades like all Elive systems do. Keeping the OS modern and safe.

Features of Elive

  • User-friendly Interfaces

  • Fast performance

  • Extensive customization options

  • Intuitive and ready to use

  • Drivers working out of the box

  • Many software included

  • Zero risk: try the Live mode before install

Best of all, it is completely free, forever!

Simple steps

  1. Download it

  2. Record it into an USB / DVD media

  3. Reboot your computer

  4. Press F12, Boot from the USB and enjoy

  5. If it does not boot, see the instructions below

Now, it's time to listen to a selection of Synthwave... 

Tune yourself into the Synthwave mood...

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Synthwave / Retrowave

Initial Quick Tips

Don't wait for a next version, create it!

Join the crowdfunding and be a vital part of our project's success.

Prefer using Crypto?

Extra: If you participate, I will gift you with an amazing, Neovim framework created by Elive, just mention it


Download the OS

Due to unexpected high demand our mirrors may show some delay, please use the torrent link instead.

Modern Computers

Downloaded: 60789 times

MD5 - 507958859d74154d831cdf01813dc32b

Use the TORRENT to keep our few mirrors light

  • For use from USB's or DVD's

  • 64 BIT system with 32 BIT compatibility

  • UEFI and SecureBoot

  • Advanced Persistence (saved sessions)

  • Encryption for your personal data

  • For Virtual Machines

Note: If Download doesn't work, report it from the Contact page and include all the possible information we need to know to solve the issue

Old computers

Downloaded: 25057 times

MD5 - 467b9ed9cfd01149cd888c99a95bc03d

Do you have a server to help us with a Mirror?
  • Works on very old hardware & Net-tops

  • For USB's and DVD's

  • UEFI compatibility

  • Advanced Persistence (saved sessions)

  • Encryption

  • SecureBoot

  • Only 32 BIT software can run on it

  • Less Nvidia & hardware supported

  • You can manually install a PAE kernel later


  1. How to create your bootable USB
  2. Boot your computer from it (bios boot menu)

Important: Use only the suggested tools to record your USB, otherwise you may not be able to boot it.

See more FAQs and Howto’s

Technical Details

  • Min. Requirements: 400 MB RAM, 500 Mhz CPU

  • Includes Installer and Live mode, advanced persistence and encryption, drivers, many software, and demo content.

Give us your honest rating for this version, so we can determine if we should invest more time on this one.

rated 4.7 stars


Other Versions

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I personally want to give a BIG thank you to all those who donated to Elive previously. Elive would never have become a reality without their support.

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