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Absolutely everything in Elive, exists thanks to the donations received by people like you.


Without donations, Elive would not exist.


$ / Month

Can cover and maintain the technological, servers and hosting costs. But not enough to start the next development phase yet.

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Bitcoins is our preferred method of donations, doesn't have taxes, it's decentralized and the most secure way
Paypal or Stripe are secured platforms to make a donation, with Patreon you can support the project monthly and you have direct access to links from it.

If you want to donate to download a specific version of Elive, you can do it directly from the download page.
If you cannot donate, make Elive more known to the world, because we are in this crucial step for its survival.
Only if we reach a minimal of support, Elive can continue having newer versions.

“There’s no limits of ideas, only a lack of resources to make them real.” – Thanatermesis