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You have been warned!

Absolutely everything in Elive, exists thanks to the donations received by people like you.


Without donations, Elive would not exist.


$ / Month

Can cover and maintain a basic hosting costs and full time work. Not yet enough to start the next development phase yet.

Other Ways to Help
  • Mirrors: We don't have much mirrors for Elive, you can add one
  • Professional Designers: We need help improving this website! :)
  • Social medias / Writers: Elive is not so known to the world, if you can help with this will be amazing
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Other cryptos:

BTC - 12rBimv9m7XPQNGyNzUei4jTd8tnXNH8w6

ZEC - t1RDguezq3ZwHvTnxEmU75o88bManSHQS6p
LTC -  MTN7GWZkEN8e6jH1uY1urcx55xUVUPrZgA
DASH - XgdmcdqTUVPmv6qib2YEzSHEnhyFWXnjwh
DOGE - DFuXu3kcPgvgUweoTybh9oSWtf95hXDviK

Privacy-safe donations:

ZEC (shielded): zs1stjnjveqxlh539tkp4yx296szdnefl755m2csk95swa5v8xpw5ys5ez404ufkhf63z9rqf4scxh

Using a Crypto Platform:

Cryptocurrencies are our preferred method of donations, don't have commissions, it's decentralized, private, and are the most secure way to keep your funds.

Paypal or Stripe are secured platforms to make a donation, with Patreon you can support the project monthly and you have direct access to links from it.

If you want to donate to download a specific version of Elive, you can do it directly from the download page.

Card (Stripe)
If you cannot donate, please make Elive more known to the world, because we are in this crucial step for its survival.
Only if we reach a minimal of support, Elive can continue having newer versions.

“There’s no limits of ideas, only a lack of resources to make them real.” – Thanatermesis