Is Elive a Commercial Distro?

Absolutely not, Elive is made by a single person just like Slackware and with the collaboration of a few volunteers and has never been a commercial distro. There is no enterprise or a commercial distro behind it at all, so if you read somewhere about that Elive is a commercial distro please reference them with this to correct it.


Elive exists thanks in part to the non-forced donations of their users, which is used to pay services like hosting but specially the work time of his founder and developer, if the donations get better, then I’m also able to pay for extra work like what I did with PrinceAMD in the past.


The reason of why donations are sometimes an annoying process is because I’m forced, the resources / donations are not even enough to have a meal every day, I could search for a job which gives me better money and a better way of living, but Elive is made from love and passion! So even if some people complains about the donations, there’s some good souls that thanks to them, Elive can continue to exist.