Elive 2.9.0 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.9.0
This new version includes:
  • Persistence is now featured in Elive where you can save your personal files, configurations, passwords, extra software installed, etc. It includes unique features like guided setup, the option to encrypt your persistence partition, statistic of usage, automated cleanup of temporal files when the persistence partition is full, desktop settings saved in unique profiles per machine to improve the compatibility among different computers.
  • Netsurf as an ultra-light graphical web browser, a very good alternative for low resources.
  • Improvements: Automatic disabling of touchpad taps for one second while you are writing text
  • Bugs fixed: Thunar unmounting devices without show an error of device busy. Eltrans has the counter of translated sentences fixed. Installer bugfix in automated partitioning

Notes from the Developers:

Persistence: After a long development we finally integrated full Persistence features in Elive with a guided and friendly way to setup it, so you don’t need to create partitions or any configurations and even encryption is included in a fully automated way. This feature is custom made which includes: Statistics usage. An automated cleaning of the temporal and unneeded files when the partition becomes full. The desktop settings are saved in unique profiles based on machine identificators, which improves the compatibility of your portable Elive among machines like the special font sizes or rendering options. Persistence has been a well waited feature and we wanted to integrate it in an optimal way, so here it is! It would have been sad to not include it for the next major stable release :).

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