Elive 2.2.1 beta released

The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the beta version 2.2.1
This new version includes:
    • Powerline patched fonts added and set by default
    • EXFAT filesystem supported by default, so you can use newer windows-formatted and mac-compatible USB’s without problems
    • M4A format is now supported in massive-audio-converter tool
    • Terminology is now the default and full-working terminal
    • Improved color palette and visibility of main elements in terminology
    • We also want to introduce a new (in beta state) website where people can collaborate with Elive, you can found it on the menus of the website
We appreciate your feedbacks about the different performance and resources usage of the beta versions compared to the last stable one. You can also improve Elive by yourself in github. Help us to make Elive even better! Note that this development release don’t include an Installer because it is not yet ready, we also didn’t include the proprietary drivers for now (Nvidia/fglrx) but the open-source drivers should detect your hardware and configure your system without problems. Beta versions are not so optimized as the Stable ones due to debug flags and developer profiles, you can encounter errors and lots of incomplete things, if you want a more polished system try the Stable version instead. Download this version at the Beta Download.

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