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Collaborate with Elive

We are searching different good skills for possible collaborations in Elive:


There are multiple things that you can do by your own to collaborate with Elive


Note: scroll up to see if there’s no any errors after you have submitted the form, if all looks good then we have received the form correctly (no messages appears right now, sorry)


We have an amazing tool for make translations in Elive and it’s included in the system, in a guided an automated way, it’s called eltrans and you can found it in the menus, you can directly use it!


The good quality of the messages are very important, clear and short, simple sentences easy to understand, and unfortunately the main developer of Elive has not a native English. You can improve the messages of the Elive applications directly using the eltrans application that you found in the system. They are also the base for all the next translations.

You can also improve the sentences in the website too if you have a good English, just contact Thanatermesis for that.

C Programming

The Desktop (Enlightenment) and it’s gadgets are wrote in C, you can write your own features for Elive, fill up the form and we will contact you when we have more info about this.

There’s also a very important BUG remaining for the Stable release, if you want to try to fix it contact Thanatermesis so he has special tools that automates the process of compiling and testing it.


Unfortunately Elive could be much more used in around the world if more people knows about it, a lot of people always tells me that is a perfect system for much computers and people, but for that we need to make it more known, not much people even thinks that is possible to change their system, we need to make more publicity and even propose it to everybody that could find it useful, my mother only wants to use it!

You can help a lot if you are good in publicity, marketing, social media sharing and writing articles.

We also need a good made Wikipedia entry for Elive similar to the other distro’s, if you think that you can do it that is more than welcome!


Do you want to make your own theme? Are you a good designer? This is one of the most funny and amazing things that you can do in Elive just like the gadgets, for now just fill up the form and we will try to write some guides about how to do that!


We have only 3 mirrors now and sometimes they seems to fail giving incomplete downloads, if you have a stable server please consider be a mirror for the ISOS


Tell us about the best software that we can ship in Elive, the most useful ones, the most complete, the most amazing, the best GTK themes, the best ideas to include in the distro… we hear them! Let’s use the specific forums for that.


We need to know every BUG that you see in the system, everything needs to works perfect! Elive is very ambitious on this, there’s a funny guide for being a BugBuster and you can use our BTS to report them.

Also any thing that could be improved because is not intuitive enough or could be better made it’s a good thing to report in the BTS.

Make fun with Keyra


Keyra is our old love, everybody that used Elive in the past knows keyra, she’s an amazing girl and err… I mean robot, it’s really funny to see the new users that comes to the IRC chat always thinking that she’s real, so yeah, make fun learning her new things :)