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You have been warned!

What is an invitation code ?

The invitation code is a simple way to allow to use Elive to the persons that can’t possible to pay by any reason. Of course the idea is not to give invitation codes to everybody instead to use the payment process, for that, we will request something similar in effort, for example, to write an article about Elive.

How can I get a code ?

Write an article about Elive on any website that you want, talking about which features you like the more or what you found on Elive as unique features, we give you a free invitation code for this. You can write it in your language if you are not good with English.

Note: It’s better to just write your opinion and experience than copy-paste the text of the website

If you need Elive for using in educational environments please contact us from the institutional email of your teacher and include a valid teacher degree, if you don’t do it on this way we will directly ignore your email, we will then review the case and be more than happy to provide you with as many free codes as you need for the instutional environment.

Why we decided to use this way?

Very simple, we don’t want to restrict anybody from use Elive, but if we give the possibility to get free invitation codes then nobody would pay and Elive would simply not exist, so we found a simple solution: by requiring a small effort on getting the invitations, most of the people that has the possibility to pay would preferably pay than trying to get the installer modules, and we still giving the possibility to anybody from getting them.

That’s all ?

Yes, when you have it simply send us your article from this form and we will review it soon: