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After 8 years of silent development, the third stable version of Elive is out, the result is simply amazing and the integration is gorgeous, it is not even possible to describe every inside feature and the new website only contains a small portion of its characteristics.


Unfortunately not everything is rainbows and perfection, the lack of resources made the release being too much delayed, and this lead to old packages and drivers, but despite that, the final result is really worth it, Elive 3.0 is the most useful system ever made, perfect for the daily use, rock solid, beautiful and full of hidden features, with every simplified aspect to make it usable for any user level.


If all this was not enough this version is the most powerful version, maintaining its lightness in resources and blazing fast responsiveness, do not hesitate to put this polished and ready to use …


The Elive Team is proud to announce the release of the Stable version 2.0 Codename Topaz.

After a long and intensive development we can now enjoy the results!
The New Stable version of Elive has a huge list of improvements. Its ease of use makes it suitable for any kind of user along with a totally new Linux experience for those who have not tried Elive before.
We offer an absolutely different way to use an operating system where the logic and the intuitiveness are first class.

Along with being simplistic, ergonomic and powerful, Topaz will bring your computer to a completely new level making Elive a system not only good for the inexperienced user but also for the professional or advanced one.

Topaz is packed with tips and handy apps that helps the end user in swiftly doing what they want, when they want. Working fast is one …