Hi Here you can get the Installer Module But first ... Let me tell you something ↓ Or continue here Explanation Elive is made from the full day work of the Founder,
which also needs to pay extra development, and services...
Maybe you are not interested to know these details but... Elive would simply not exist
if were not by the donations
Donations not works We tried to ask for donations many times But they are simply not enough The 99 % don't donate Do you know what was the biggest cause? Simply Lazyness about the steps So we found a solution to that! Solution Let's get it simple: It's much more easy to skip, than to proceed with the donation process So let's do it in the inverse way! You have the option to make a donation,
using the amount that you decide,
and instantly continue with the installation!
↓ Here ↓ Another solution is... well, to just wait ( But it's slower than just donate! )
Many Time But how many time ? Donation Without donation Less than 1 minute Secretly known minutes You help making Elive better May not exist future versions of Elive Amount decided by you! Zero contribution to Elive It ↓ takes just one step! :) C'mon, please! :) Help us to improve Elive! Seriously, Elive only survives from a few donations
Your contribution is crucial for the survival of the project
Free Download Download - Installer Module Ok well, maybe the next time? ---> <--

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