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You have been warned!

Examples of old Articles we Loved!


To fund the development of Elive we require donations, it's our sole financial source. As we don’t want to cold shoulder those in a restrictive financial situation, we provide this alternative option to download the Beta images entirely cost free.
Why this method?
By providing a direct download by offering a similar (in effort) way can be seen as a small donation too. A way for us to uphold the existing donation system and on top, giving Elive more public attention which is an important factor too.

How it works?

Just write an article about Elive on any website you choose, in preference referencing the Stable version, mentioning the features you liked the most. It can be in any language but the preference is English. Then: Just submit the link of your article here and we will email you shortly!


  • Must be a real article in a website or blog (no comments, no Facebook posts)
  • Must be a positive feedback about Elive
  • Must include some links to the Elive website and at least 1 screenshot
  • Must be written from you
  • Youtube: must be a recent video and we verify the authenticity on the author's profile

Final note

We are not old angry people, make fun writing your review ! :)

Note: the best articles may be selected to be included in the testimonials page! :)