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Elive 3.8.19 Beta

Debian Buster-based, Kernel 5.2, optional 64BIT, and much more…


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MD5 - 7174eb4631377ec44797390afb130076

Note: If Download doesn't work, report it from the Contact page and include all the possible information we need to know to solve the issue
  • Works on very old hardware & Net-tops

  • Lighter than the 64bit version

  • Alternative software included for 32bit

  • For USB's and DVD's

  • UEFI compatibility

64 BIT Downloads are available here
They support more of RAM, Persistence, UEFI & SecureBoot, extra software included, and much more!

  1. Create your Elive bootable USB stick
  2. Disable UEFI and options in BIOS
  3. Boot from your Elive media (bios menu)

Important: Only use the tools suggested to record your USB or you probably won’t be able to boot it.

See More FAQs, or the new Forums with howto’s

Technical Details

  • Min. Requirements: 400 MB RAM, 500 Mhz CPU

  • SystemD, Pulseaudio, Updated Kernel

  • Install & Live

  • The ISOs contains everything needed, extra software and cached packages to install drivers offline, demo content. The Installer will give you options to have a much lighter system

Other Versions

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I personally want to say a BIG thank you to every person who donated to this project, Elive 3.0 wont have never been a reality without them

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Elive Founder

Note: E16 has been selected as a temporary desktop for development!
E16 is dated but Elive surprises us again by customizing it in such an amazing way, giving an experience like never seen before. Allowing you to work from an uptodate Elive with the highest grade of stability. E16 is unbreakable, light and pretty different, play with it and you won't regret the experience!
- We hope you enjoy this unique experience while we focus on developing the final desktop -