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Last pre-release 2.9.96 before the 3.0 Stable! Betatesters welcome!


Unable to boot after Install

There can be multiple reasons of why your system cannot boot your installed Elive system, but the most important is to report the bug so that if is a problem in the installer we need to fix it. One of the reasons can be that your computer needs to boot ... Read More

Is Elive a Commercial Distro?

No, this is a wrong idea that some people have about Elive because is a project that only progresses thanks to donations, so they are strictly needed to keep it alive, that’s why Elive required in the past of donations to install it in your computer. If you read somewhere ... Read More

free software / open source / selling

You should know that ‘free’ has nothing to do with ‘gratis’, in fact, the GNU website strongly encourages you to sell free software. And due to this confusion of terms, the word free software has changed to open source software in 1998. Contrary to some beliefs, Elive is not a commercial ... Read More

My Computer don’t boot from the Hard Disk

This can be due to multiple reasons, just make sure that Elive is correctly installed, I can also suggest to use the automated partitioning mode, which will remove all your disk contents but should take the best choices for your system. If you still cannot boot your computer then you ... Read More

Error booting USB: Not enough memory to load specified image

You can found this message trying to boot from a recent computer, if is your case you should try to append the boot parameter mem=1952M or other values to the boot parameters This parameters tells the kernel how much memory your computer has, sometimes the BIOS don’t give the correct ... Read More

How to show the Boot Menu on your bios

There’s a special key in every BIOS (when the computer first boots) that makes you able to boot from another device that is not its hard disk. You can either enter in the bios to configure the boot order or to hit the key that selects the device to boot ... Read More

Problem booting from USB: Common Causes

There are multiple reasons that your computer will not be able to boot from USB but in any case we will help you to boot from USB with a few tricks 🙂 Make sure to... The USB is min. 4 GB and is from a known trademark You know the Magic ... Read More

How to disable UEFI mode in the BIOS on windows 8

If you need to disable UEFI boot option from the BIOS to be able to boot from USB any linux system that the windows 8 default settings don’t allow, you basically need to follow 3 simple steps: Press Shift while you click in the icon that looks like a power ... Read More

Tools to record Elive Linux in an USB drive

For record the old Stable 2.0 version: To boot the Stable 2.0 version Topaz from USB, it will not work because the structure was not made for it, but you can use a tool like unetbootin that can make it work (it modifies the bootable files), you can download our own ... Read More