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Last pre-release 2.9.95 before the 3.0 Stable! Betatesters welcome!

Today I can tell you that there's a linux system that is really intuitive, beautiful and powerful, just like the author's says it is art, this wonder is called Elive 2.0
- Ruben Velasco Jaimes -

Truly a very nice system, simple and powerful, able to satisfy the most demanding user. Congratulations!
- Ruben Velasco -

Elive is, simply put, the best operating system for new users on old computers I've ever seen! It has better performance than any other LiveCD I've ever seen!
- William W. -

Elive is (by far!) the most RAM efficient and less resources consumption system that I have ever used!
- Ruben Bilbao -

I waited a long time for this. a Linux project to get renewed older hardware with a good desktop experience. Thanks to this i use an old laptop with great satisfaction for general purposes.
- Joe101 -

I needed a Linux distro for my Compaq v2000 as Win XP took too long to do anything. Elive fits the bill. My computer now has a new life and is very snappy now. Great job!
- RJMenard -

Elive Gem 1.0 runs fast on a centrino 1.3 with 256 mb ram, overperforms ubuntu on a similar machine (1.4 512meg ram) by around 200%
- Nevermore -

Thanks for give a new usage to my old laptop, I tried other systems and Elive works wonderfully in my Pentium II
- Guipabo -

This is so far the most advanced Linux system that I know, I decided to work with it because is so powerful, little need of resources and extraordinary design. Is pure art.
- Antonio -

Thank you for making Elive a Linux distribution that is just a pure joy to use. Best damn Linux so far I have used, and believe me I have used many of them only to be frustrated at well a lack of working right. I look forward to keeping up with what is going on.
- Jon Valentine -

One of the best things i ever tested!!! So fast and smooth, its my dream OS. I have a P4 with 512mb and runs very fast, and i dont even installed it!!!! Windows Vista? 1GB for optimal performance?? NOT!
- vitalf -

As most of us know who have used Elive for some time, it is a really good distro. It comes already complete with most things that your average user would need for their basic computing needs. I love the fact that this distro has what most other distro's don't, and that is a uniqueness and simplicity about it that makes my overall computing experience more fun and personal. The interface and layout is simple and beautiful, yet also very functional. I also love that the look and feel doesn't come at the cost of speed. I have had Elive installed on boxes that had specs along the lines of 1Ghz and 256mb of Ram, and it's always been fast and reliable. If you decide to put it on a more modern machine, it is lightning fast! There are too many distro's out there now that are all dressed up versions of Ubuntu, and they are all starting to feel bland. I am glad that Elive has stayed on it's own unique path. Please keep up the good work guys!
- wirelessjunkie -

I'd just like to say a big thank-you to the developers who put together one of the nicest user experiences I've ever come across.
- The Leander -

Elive will be the choice of present generation.
- Srikar -

To the creators behind this awesome distro, please allow me to congratulate you and give you my thanks, for creating this unique piece of software. Elive is fast, super fast, freaking fast, is a gem. Thank you!!!!!
- Joe101 -

The best os i've ever used, converted me from windows, many thanks!
- Tony -

This system is BEAUTIFUL, and the most beautiful thing is that it consumes nothing.
- Jess Luana -

Elive saved my PC, it is now running like new and with lots of features. Everything works straight out of the box and is elegant and easy to use. Thank you Elive!!! You deserve much more recognition!
- Thomas -

To the creators behind this awesome distro, please allow me to congratulate you and give you my thanks, for creating this unique piece of software. Elive is fast, super fast, freaking fast, is a gem. Thank you!!!!!
- Joe -

My humble pc became in an incredible graphics experience, high performance and low resource consumption.
- Pablo -
I first tried Elive in an old computer and I was surprised how fast it worked, but later I bring it on my school and I was surprised by the visual effects and how nice they worked.
- Sebastián Zambrano -
Elive has exceeded my expectations, is fast, robust, simple, intuitive, easy, and also elegant. Based in Debian and polished in every detail, its a fantastic dreamed experience for every user since the installation.
- Walter Bob -
If everything worked as well as Elive, there would be no more problems on earth !
- Gilles -

Impressive! Finally a useful distro, stable and good taste in design.
- Fito Larsen -

Elive is definitely a system that goes beyond the barriers of creativity in the software industry with great flexibility and highly intuitive interface
- Argel -

I deal with free software and OS's for about two years and I must say I was really surprised when I tested for the first time Elive, it worked better than ANY Linux distro, and was even lighter (and more beautiful) than advanced systems. This distro is awesome, you really got to test to understand.
- Felipe Magnus Gil -

I have just installed the stable release and I completely love elive!! It's fast, responsive and very very pretty!! I will recommend this Linux flavour to all friends and family.
- Jorge Gascón Pérez -

Elive has been installed on my PC for several months now. Everything works, it's fast and intuitive.
- Blighty -

I tried this system and it saved me from trash an old computer, highly recommended
- Alejandro -

Elive was the only way to convince my childrens to use Linux, from all the other systems that I have tried they prefered to use Windows XP. Now they are fans of Elive! (Note: they have 5, 7 and 9 years old). Excellent work, Congratulations!
- Fito -

I've been using ELive for about 3 months now, and I have to say it is incredible. Fast, beautiful, clean and professional. Largely due to the beauty and utility of ELive I've shown to my peers and supervisors, I am currently installing the first Linux server in a traditionally MS exclusive shop.
- Secher -

I've been using Linux for a few months now. As every newbie I have installed and toyed with many distros in that time and Elive is the only one that I've always keep in my machine.
- Ruben Bilbao -

When I first looked at Elive I thought it looked very interesting, but I did not realize what a surprise I was in for! This Beautiful OS astounded me! I had no words for it! It competes with the likes of any other system I have ever used, And I have used every other popular OS's out there today!
- Daniel Lapain -

Super! This system is MUCH FASTER than XP or Vista. It runs really great and stable. In addition, it looks great! My girlfriends want to install Elive now.
- Lillith Eva -
I have been considering Elive for quite some time. I have tried a lot of linux distros and always come back to Elive. The user interface is stunning. The functionality is exceptional. This is the OS that is convincing me to switch from Windows. Great job guys!
- JP Blanc -
I have traveled a lot in the selection of the adequate system, a total of 36 systems tried, and Elive is exceptionally divine
- Christian rG. ITBSW -

My family is basically Microsoft oriented. The wife and kids have always been hesitant about experimenting with Linux, of any flavor. My youngest son (age 15) simply fell in love with Elive.
- Runaway1956 -

It's simply the best and most beautiful operating system that i ever used. - Cédric BLONDEAU -

My old Toshiba "Satellite 4030CDT" laptop suddenly looks and feels like a modern
computer thanks to Elive.
- Altwan -

Been using Linux exclusively for about 7-8 years. I've been using Elive for about 48 hours now and its already the best Linux experience I've had. Easy install, with just a few tweaks I've got it configured exactly how I want it, and the ecomorph effects are sooo nice. Elive seems like the perfect combo of speed (enlightenment), stability and easy software management (debian), and eye candy (compiz). Simply amazing -- thanks to all the devs and everyone else involved in this project.
- Hawklad -

With Elive I was able to revive an old PC I had, give the functions that I never thought possible in a totally efficient way. Elive is a fully recommended amazing system.
- Gecko -

Elive is definitely the best looking distributions available. It uses the Enlightenment desktop environment. The desktop is absolutely gorgeous! The stars in the sky twinkle and move throughout the very nice looking background. The application dock at the bottom of the screen is cute, in fact better than Mac OSX. I am soon gonna switch over to Elive. I love it. Keep up the good work Thanatermesis. You have done a fantastic job by producing this great distro and moreover giving it free to a student like me.
- Harish -

This is one of the only "different" distros that is also fully featured and ready to use out of the box (you know what I mean....) elive Gem also works with my wireless card that isn't supported with UBUNTU anymore (typing from elive now). Its all looking very good!!
- Michael j-king -