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The main computer for Elive development is an old Core2duo, if you have some more recent hardware that you don't use and you want to donate it to Elive it will be very appreciated :)

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Installing Elive

There can be multiple reasons of why your system cannot boot your installed Elive system, but the most important is to report the bug so that if is a problem in the installer we need to fix it.

One of the reasons can be that your computer needs to boot from UEFI, version 3.0 of Elive and previous ones has not this included yet, so it’s a feature that requires 64bit builds too, but there’s still a way to make it working:

You can make your Elive to boot in case of any problem or UEFI requirement by using Super Grub2 Disk, basically this very small ISO can make it your computer to boot with any system that you have installed on it.

Don’t waste time with unreliable operating systems, download Elive entirely cost-free!